Hybrid Communications & Public Relations Graduate Programs

You’ve begun your search for a communications and public relations graduate degree program. Congratulations! Perhaps you’ve started this journey because you’re looking ...

to change occupations. Or maybe, you’re looking to take the next step in your career and believe the course work could possibly benefit you. Your choice now lies in the following: do you pursue a degree program online or on-campus? Why not both! Hybrid Communications and Public Relations Graduate Programs could give you a taste of both formats as you incorporate this degree program  into your life.

Pursuing Hybrid Communications and Public Relations Graduate Programs: The Basics

A hybrid graduate degree program in communications and public relations could be a great first step on a plethora of career journeys. Just beginning your foray into the media and communications industries? Earning a graduate degree could be a great way to catch up on contemporary media theory and methods. Those with their foot already firmly in the door could possibly benefit by updating their own techniques and engaging with the community of peers in their classes. Or, those same professionals could seek career enhancement with the skills learned during their graduate courses.

Earning a graduate degree in communications and public relations could open many doors for you career wise – not just necessarily in a media and communications field! A graduate degree program in communications and public relations could provide opportunities to pursue careers as:

  • Public Relation Specialists
  • Editors
  • News Analysts
  • Writers[i]

The Bureau of Labor Statistics project that the communications and public relations field could possibly see a 4% growth in employment from 2014 to 2024.[ii] This may be a great time to enter the communications industry.

Which Hybrid Communications & Public Relations Degree Program may be Perfect for You?

When browsing potential hybrid communications and public relations degree programs you may have a seemingly unending list of options. It may be a little intimidating! To simplify your search, consider the reason you want to pursue a graduate degree program. What knowledge and skills do you want to gain from a degree program? How long do you do you want to spend earning your degree? How do you want this career to affect your career? Once you’ve answered these questions, you could browse the following degree program types to find a perfect hybrid communications and public relations graduate degree program for you.

Master’s in Communications Programs

A master’s degree program could be the ideal choice for applicants already familiar with the communications field, or a great way for newcomers to get their feet wet. In terms of admissions, perspective students may be required to submit a 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA in addition to GRE exam scores. School’s may also require official transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal essays, CVs, and resumes as part of their admissions process.

You may stumble upon the following master’s degree programs in you search:

  • The Master of Arts in Communications may offer concentrations in both corporate communications and public relations. These programs focus on professional development, emphasizing practical skills such as brand production, media relations, and social media management.
  • Master of Science in Communication: Integrated Marketing Communication (M.S.I.M.C) degree programs are a great choice for beginners to gain a firm foundation in communications methods. This degree program uses case studies and hands-on experiences to place students in professional, teaching scenarios. In addition, programs seek to instruct students in contemporary marketing theories and methods to give them a grasp of current marketing strategies.

Doctorate in Communication Programs

A doctorate degree program may be a competitive program to become involved in. Admissions may require both GRE exam scores and a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. Due to the intensity of the course load, and the inclusion of writing a dissertation, students could expect the program to take anywhere from 4 to 5 years to complete.  Program lengths vary by school.

Pursuing a Doctorate in Communications & Public Relations degree program could be a common degree you come across in your search. This degree program, along with others, may aim to assist students in pursuing or enhancing a career in academia as opposed to media and communications. The degree program may place emphasis on performing your own research and scholarship to develop the theories and methods of field.  

Communication & Public Relations Certificate Programs

If you’re looking for the potentially quickest option to possibly enhance your career or to switch to a new occupation entirely, a graduate certificate program may be a perfect choice. These degree programs cover essential communications theories and methods to quickly give contemporary knowledge that could be pertinent to your intended position. In terms of time frame, the programs are relatively short, taking anywhere from a semester to a full year to complete, although program lengths vary by school. Admissions requirements may be equally accessible, with programs usually requiring a 3.0 undergraduate GPA with no additional GRE exam scores.

Coursework may vary depending of certificate program intensity, but many may offer classes in:

  • Media Technology Strategies
  • Social Media
  • Writing & Editorial Skills
  • Crisis Management

The Possible Benefits of Hybrid Programs

Hybrid communications and public relations graduate programs could offer a unique opportunity for students who wish to partake in both the on-campus and online formats. Students could benefit from the flexibility and convenience inherent in online courses: you log in to your classroom from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. In terms of possible on-campus benefits, you could be involved in the networking and social aspects of a traditional on-campus experience. The low-residency aspect of a hybrid degree program means that you could attend campus as your time allows, receive individualized attention from your professor, and gain access to campus learning facilities.

Find Perfect Hybrid Hybrid Communications and Public Relations Graduate Programs Today!

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