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Interested in pursuing a new career in journalism or communications, or taking your current career to the next level? Graduate school for journalism and communications could be your first step toward achieving that goal.

Journalism Graduate Programs

Graduate school programs may help you to develop your journalistic chops, build fluency with media, write, edit, and a variety of other essential skills. Not only that, but attending Journalism Graduate Schools programs may open up valuable networking opportunities, an additional potential benefit to your career.

Journalism and Communications Graduate Programs - Journalism Graduate Schools

Basics of Journalism Graduate Schools & Journalism Graduate Programs

Journalism graduate school may encompass a variety of disciplines within the field. For example, you might be considering broadcast journalism schools, or programs focusing on writing for print or web, magazine writing, or editing. You might even find a journalism graduate school to earn a photojournalism degree. On the communications graduate school side, you may have the opportunity to pursue an even greater diversity of subject areas, including film studies, business communication, mass communication, and more.

Advantages of Attending Journalism Graduate Programs

One potential advantage of attending graduate school for journalism or communication is the opportunities you may find for practical experience. Not only might you learn about more academic subjects like journalism ethics and policy, or communication studies, but you may also be able to create and develop real pieces, and workshop them with your peers and faculty.

You may also build up a professional network current and future journalists and communications professionals, developing friendships and professional relationships with people throughout your industry at a variety of levels. Whether you’re already working in the field, or are looking to get your new career started, you may find that having a solid network in your field may be invaluable to your professional progress.

Why Consider Studying in Journalism Graduate Schools?

Would you prefer to attend graduate school for communications, or journalism graduate school, in your own community? Maybe you want to study in an exciting new city. Each may have their advantages. You may be able to attend a program convenient to home and work. That may enable you to continue your current career while you study, which may help you cover the costs of graduate school. If you’re interested in living and working in a new city, attending a journalism graduate school, or a graduate school for communication, may be a great way to get your foot in the door in that area, using the connections and experience you develop in your graduate school program.

Of course, those aren’t the only reasons to attend journalism graduate school or graduate school for communications. Being associated with a physical campus, you might be able to use libraries, technology labs, academic and career counseling, and other serivces. You might collaborate with your peers, and get to know professors. If you’re looking for a program to help you gain hands-on experience, your graduate school program may even be able to help you organize something in your community.

Types of Journalism Graduate School Programs

Whether you want to earn your masters in journalism, doctorate in communications, or a communication or journalism graduate certificate, great schools might be out there for you to apply. Within each of these program levels, you might also choose to concentrate on preferred discipline or career path. You may also be able to attend a program with a somewhat broader focus, aimed toward establishing a solid foundation of communications and journalism practices and skills. 

Earn Your Masters in Journalism on Campus

Masters in journalism schools, as well as masters in communications programs, may offer the support and education you need to develop your communications and journalistic skills  in a convenient, local program. In addition to potentially choosing between Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS) programs, you might choose a concentration suited to your interests and career.

Your preferred concentration area, may be one of the more important factors in your decision when choosing where to apply. If you already occupy a certain role in the field, such as working in broadcast journalism, print news writing, or a business communications role, you may prefer journalism masters programs focused on those skills. Similarly, you may wish to expand your expertise in a new area. Many masters in journalism programs and communications masters programs may be designed to help prepare students to apply their expertise in the field. As such, you may be able to find programs that support your goals with the right balance of coursework and practical experience.

Doctorate in Journalism Graduate Schools & Programs

If you’ve already earned your masters in journalism, and want to continue your studies, you may be interested in attending a journalism doctoral program. Doctoral programs in journalism or communications may be a little different than earning your masters degree, and some may be a more academic or research-focused in nature. Whether you’re interested in teaching in a university setting performing research, acting in an analytical, consulting, or advisory role; or advancing to a leadership position, earning your doctorate in journalism or communications may support any of those ambitions.

Journalism Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate certificate programs in communications or journalism might be a good option if you’re interested in graduate or post-graduate journalism courses or post-graduate communication courses, but aren’t ready to enroll in a full degree program. Graduate certificate programs typically involve a lighter course load, potentially enabling you to finish your program in less time. You could study a certain topic or subject within your discipline at a higher level with a narrower focus. Additionally, if you choose to earn a graduate degree later, some or all of the credits earned may be able to transfer toward its completion, depending on the requirements of the program you enroll in and the details of the school in question and what they accept.

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