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Communications Schools may offer Certificates, Masters and Doctorate degrees in Communication Studies as on-campus programs. Communications studies majors may learn to convey information, ‘get’ the mindset of their audience, and, to do so with specific goals in mind. For instance, they might study how to shape messages and brands, interact with audiences and make use of digital technologies to sell, inform, educate or entertain. Students who pursue a communications degree on campus may learn a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge such as how to speak in public, write speeches, strategize, persuade, lead, and collaborate.

How to Find Communications Schools

Students can find regionally accredited communications schools by city, state or country – if they want to study abroad. Aside from location and general feel of a campus, students might approach their search with a degree level in mind. Also, there are schools for communications majors of all types. So, it may be helpful to refine your search based on an area of emphasis you might want to explore. Or, to look for a communications graduate program that might prepare you professionally for a specific type of career. A few areas of emphasis within communications studies that might be available on campus are as follows.

  • Health communications
  • Strategic communications
  • Journalism and media
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Public Relations

Skills Profile for Communication Studies Graduate Students - Communications Graduate Programs Communications Schools

Masters in Communication Studies

Applicants to Masters in Communications Studies programs are required to have earned a Bachelors degree. Some communications schools offer a Master of Science in Communications Studies while others, a Master of Arts in Communication Studies. While they both use analysis, the MA tends to approach things qualitatively (e.g. social context), the MS uses more quantitative methods like statistics and technology. Students who pursue their communications graduate degree on campus might benefit from small class size and individual attention.

Graduate Certificate in Communication Studies

Some communications schools offer students the opportunity to add onto their present skills with a graduate certificate in communication studies. These short-term programs tend to target a few courses, which may help students refine expertise. Often, certificates mirror their school’s Masters programs so that students might transfer their credits to finish their degree later on.

PhD in Communication Studies

As a terminal program, the PhD in Communication Studies is a research-focused degree. Students who pursue their PhD on campus may have a fair bit of interaction with faculty as they research and prepare for their dissertation. Also, some departments offer graduate assistantships which may provide great hands-on experience.

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