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A communication disorders degree can be a great way to begin a rewarding new career. Communication disorders are difficulties in receiving, sending, processing or understanding verbal or non-verbal communication. They can be mild or severe and can affect people of all ages. With so many different types of communication disorders, graduates with communication disorder degrees may become speech pathologists, speech and hearing therapists, special teachers or counselors.

With such a range of issues, there are many types of communication disorder programs. Students can work towards an MS in Communicative Disorders or an MA or PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Other possibilities in a Graduate Certificate in Mild/Moderate Disorders.

If you’re thinking about a communication disorders degree, check out Grad It’s a great way to zero in on the right choice for you! Filter your search by type of degree depending on if you want a Masters, PhD or Graduate Certificate in Communication Disorders. Then filter your search by location to find the program in the city, state or even country that works best for you.

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