Campus Based Communication Disorders Graduate Programs & Schools

A campus communication disorders degree can start you on the road to a fulfilling career. Communication disorders are issues with sending, receiving, processing or understanding communication. The disorders may be verbal or non-verbal, mild or severe and can affect people of all ages. With so many different types of disorders, graduates with campus communication disorder degrees may become speech pathologists, speech and hearing therapists, special teachers or counselors.

When it comes to campus communication disorders programs, students have many choices. You can earn a Campus Masters of Sciences in Communications Disorders or a Campus PhD in Special Education/Communication Disorders. There are options for graduate certificates, such as a Campus-based Graduate Certificate in Educational Audiology.

Many students prefer a campus degree because it’s a great way to create a personal network and to ensure plenty of interaction with instructors. If you’re looking for a campus communications disorder degree, can help. Filter your search by type of degree—masters, doctorate or graduate certificate. And you can filter your degree by city, state or country to find the campus communications disorder program that works for you!

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