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Pathology programs at the graduate level provide the foundation and skills required to design and conduct multi-disciplinary translational research relevant to human disease. It is research-based training that simultaneously looks at the whole organism and its component cells, tissues and molecules to study the causes and mechanisms of disease. Pathology graduate schools curriculums provide students with opportunities to understand the mechanisms of disease at fundamental levels and to apply the understanding to improve management of these diseases in a clinical setting.  

What to Expect in Pathology Programs at Pathology Schools

While pathology graduate degree programs are very focused on laboratory experimentation they also include some coursework requirements. Some courses that a student enrolled in a graduate program in pathology might include; medical immunology, Pathology and pathophysiology of disease, experimental pathology, and applied pathology.

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There are several degree types you can earn, including a Graduate Certificate in PathologyMasters in Pathology & Cell Biology, or a Ph.D. in Pathology.

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