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For the student with a spiritual mind-set or is already a member of the clergy, earning a Christian counseling degree can be a great way to blend psychological and theological insights and can potentially add valuable knowledge to your existing skills. BLS data reports that the projected growth rate is 10% for members of the clergy, which is a great motivating factor for choosing a pastoral counseling degree program. In fact, entry-level jobs require a bachelor degree, so earning a Christian counselling degree could be potentially helpful in a future job search. Find the right Christian counseling graduate programs for you.

Christian Counseling Graduate Programs  in  San Diego

Christian Counseling Graduate Programs

Christian counseling approaches psychological counseling through the lens of the Bible. Christian counselors may work with individuals, families, or larger populations to provide guidance on issues ranging from marriage and addiction to depression. Because they are providing counseling that is derived from the Bible, professionals often work for Christian churches, schools or other organizations. The 3 foundations of a christian counselling degree as seen in this illustration are: psychology, psychotherapy and the bible.

If you’ve made the decision to pursue your graduate degree, there are a variety of different pastoral counseling degree programs to select from. makes your search and selection easy. For instance, you can search for christian counselling degrees by location. You just use the tabs to enter a city, state or country and results are generated.

Christian Counseling Masters Programs | Doctorates | Certificates

Then you can refine your search by program format. Are you someone who has always dreamt of attending a campus for your studies or do you need a distance learning format for its convenience? If this is the case you can choose to attend Christian Counseling Graduate Programs online, such as a masters in christian counseling online, or check whether a hybrid format is available. Next, refine your search by looking through options by degree type. For instance, you can look into a Certificate in Pastoral Care and Counseling. If you are you looking to pursue a masters in pastoral counseling degree, you have different choices to consider, such as a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling or a Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling. For the student who is on track to earn a Ph.D in pastoral counseling, you may consider a Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling or a Ph.D. in Christian counseling or even a Doctor of Ministry. And these are only a few options, as religious studies programs can offer different specializations.

If you are the type of professional who is yearning for a potential niche in their field, with the possibility of guiding others who could benefit from both your counseling background and deep biblical knowledge, start looking over your options and find a christian counseling graduate program that could help you reach others as well as your own goals.

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