Indiana Christian Counseling on-Campus Graduate Programs

Trying to take your career as a Christian counselor to the next level? If so enrolling in a campus-based graduate level pastoral counseling degree program may a good way to pursue your goals! Christian counseling professionals approach therapy though the lens of the Bible. They may treat or specialize in a variety of areas such as: family counseling; pre-marriage counseling; marriage counseling; child counseling; mental health counseling; addiction counseling; or depression counseling.

What are the benefits of choosing a campus-based Christian counseling program? For some, being in an actual classroom may make it easier to connect with other students and interact with instructors. This may be particularly true when dealing with theological discussions. You’ll also be able to make the most of things like libraries, student services or places of worship at your school of choice. You may also pick from programs such as an MA or MS in Christian Counseling, an Online Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling or a Master of Divinity.   

To find a specific program near you, simply filter by city, state, or country to find pastoral counseling degree programs in your desired area. You can further refine your search by selecting the degree level you are interestied in, for example a Masters Program, Doctorate Program or graduate level certificate. You’ll find degrees like an on-campus Graduate Certificate in Pastoral and Spiritual Care, an on-campus Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling, and an on-campus Doctorate of Counseling and Leadership. 

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