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Consider enrolling at a chemical engineering graduate programs to earn an advanced chemical engineering degree. Chemical engineers are tasked with applying principles of biology, physics, chemistry and math to solve problems related to the production or use of drugs, food, chemical, fuel and other products. As such, professionals in the field design processes and equipment for large-scale safe and efficient manufacturing; plan and test manufacturing methods; treat by-products; and supervise production.

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Chemistry – Polymers & Coatings



Chemical and Materials Engineering



Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering



Types of Chemical Engineering Graduate Programs

So what types of chemical engineering graduate programs can you choose from? Some options include degrees such as a Master of Chemical Engineering, a Master of Civil/Environmental Chemical Engineering, a Master of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, or a PhD in Chemical Industry degree. Browse certificate programs like the Environmental Protection in Chemistry Industry Graduate Certificate if you’re just starting out. Or, you can search for online chemical engineering programs.

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