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Business Graduate Programs offer students with undergraduate business degrees the expanded preparation for potential careers in business management and leadership positions. Business graduate school also provides excellent career direction in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing and public administration. Selected Top Schools for Business Degrees

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Total Enrollments - 252+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 15:1
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Total Enrollments - 958+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 14:1
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Total Enrollments - 1,379+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 11:1
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Total Enrollments - 1,119+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 12:1

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Why Earn A Graduate Degree in Business?

Whether you are currently working in a job where you feel advanced study might translate into a better position, or you want to learn how to start your own venture, equipping yourself with a graduate degree in Business may reward you well in the workplace with a potential advancement in position and salary.

Business knowledge and skills are being applied to almost every industry in the business world. This is one reason why business graduate programs may help prepare students for entry into a wide variety of potential career paths. If you aspire to pursue a career as a top executive, financial analyst, marketer, advertising executive, human resource manager, management analyst or accountant, you may benefit from earning a graduate degree in business!

Find A Business Graduate School

When considering a Business Graduate School you might first decide whether you want to look for a campus-based or online business program. This will help narrow your results. If you are hoping to find some of the top Business Grad Schools, you can search by location; enter the city, state, or country to determine where accredited colleges and universities with the type of degree you want to pursue is offered.

If you have an undergraduate business degree, now may be a good time to think about further refining your career goals. These range from accounting to sports management, technology management, finance and business management. In fact, many MBA programs offer specializations in business related areas such as healthcare administration, or international business. Start by selecting a subject, then browse through the masters, doctorates and graduate certificates.

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Search through thousands of Business graduate programs and MBA programs in the US and worldwide, including One Year MBA Programs and Dual MBA Programs! Continue your search by selecting a Subject on the left or use the quick links to the left to select from our most popular MBA categories.

Kirk Hazlet; business graduate programs

Kirk Hazlett
PR Professional & Professor at Curry College

Expert Insight

We asked Kirk Hazlett how business graduate programs can advance your career:

As a former PR pro now teaching the next generations of PR practitioners, I encourage my own students to take undergraduate business courses and consider enrolling in a graduate degree either in an advanced PR-related field or in one of the many business graduate programs so that they, too, will have an insider's look at how businesses operate and business leaders think.


Types of Business Graduate Programs


EducationDynamics maintains business relationships with the schools it features.

There are several types of Business Graduate programs to choose from but most likely will be based on the current education level a student has completed. Most undergraduates will continue their education with a Business Masters Program or MBA Program. Those ready to review PhD in Economics programs can browser all Doctorate Programs in Finance. Some prospective students may be working professionals with an undergraduate degree in another field, looking for a Graduate Certificate in Business to fine-tune existing business and management skills. For Business professionals already in business who want to learn new skills such as Human Resource Management; Graduate certificate degrees in Business are also available in a broad array of subjects.

Some types of Business Graduate Programs include:

  • Accounting, MBA or MS
  • Business Administration, MBA or DBA Economics. PhD, MA, MS or MBA with concentration
  • Environment & Agriculture, MSc, M.Agr, M.S., PhD
  • Marketing & Advertising, MA, MBA, MS, DBA with concentration
  • Sports Management, MA, MBA, MSA
  • International Business, MBA, MS, DBA

Business Masters Programs

Business Masters Programs could cover administration, accounting, finance and a host of other career-oriented topics. Most students pursue a Masters in Business degree after earning a bachelors in order to explore a specific area of business in depth. Typically, these programs take 1-3 years of full time study and could be used to advance a career or prepare for a doctorate program.

Different types of Business Masters Programs include:

Being specific about your career goals will be useful as you consider business masters programs.

PhD in Business and DBA Programs

If you are looking into a PhD or Doctor of Business Administration degree, you are likely at the level where you know exactly what you want to cultivate the next level of expertise in. A PhD in Business could allow you to approach that topic from a research prospective. PhD students often If you are more interested in the application of research and theories, then a professional degree, such as the DBA, might be a better match.

Whether you are looking for a PhD in Human Development, a DBA, or a Doctor of Health Administration, our ‘subject selection’ and the ability to request information directly from the business graduate school will assist you in making your choice.

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MBA graduates could develop valuable skills such as how to evaluate a company’s competitive strengths and strategies; or how to identify changes that will help improve performance and profit. Often, a graduate degree in business is required for advanced positions, or to set you apart from the competition in the workplace. So, take a deep breath and look forward to your next academic step!

Now you're equipped with the information you need to start your search for a graduate program in business. The academic path you choose may depend largely on what you plan to do after you complete your degree. To a certain extent, you want to not only prepare yourself with an education but also the ‘right’ education for the type of career you want to lead.

Don’t be shy, reaching out to more than one business school may increase your chances of achieving your goal. Just click request info, fill out the for, and be sure you understand the ins and outs of each program.

Why wait? You future Business Graduate Program could be one click away!

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