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Biomedical Science Graduate Programs on Campus Overview

Students with a passion for anatomy, chemistry, biology and genetics may find that a Biomedical Science graduate might prepare them for potential careers as biomedical researchers, teachers, and scholars, as well as for Medical degrees and further education.

Campus Biomedical Science Graduate Programs InformationThere are different fields within the biological and Biomedical Sciences to choose from, depending on your specific interests and future plans.  As a general academic field, Biomedical Sciences programs explore issues in biology as they interact with issues of human health, medicine and disease. Students may choose to focus on a specific aspect such as: virology, immunology, biomedical engineering technology, biomedical engineering and biomedical informatics.

Since Masters in Biomedical Sciences and doctoral programs tend to be research intensive, and require internships and laboratory work, it may be beneficial, to look into campus programs. These offer students the chance to interact and network with professors and classmates, as well as offer the entire array of services and facilities that the university or college has. When you imagine that much of your time may be spent in a lab, or involved in research, you may enjoy being on campus where it is all-accessible.

If you are searching for a campus-based Biomedical Science graduate degree, you might want to initiate a search by location, to see where these programs are offered. Use the city, state, or country tabs to generate listings. Refine this process using the program level tabs to find graduate certificate, masters and PhD in Biomedical Science degrees. Some of your options might include MS in Medical Technology, MS in Biotechnology or MS in Emerging Infectious Diseases. Some of these programs are available at the doctorate level, or you might at that stage be ready to specialize

even further, with a Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis for example.

Whether you anticipate working as a scientist being on the forefront of innovative treatments or cures for diseases such as cancer or AIDS, or you are interested in becoming a dental surgeon, there are many potential options for graduates of Biomedical Science. Why not look into accredited campuses today! 

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