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Online graduate programs in biotechnology combine knowledge and application of biology and technology.  Online biotech graduate programs seek to help students understand the cellular and molecular processes in an effort to help them develop skills that may allow them to create technologies and products that help improve human and animal life, and even the overall health of the planet.

Online biotechnology programs may teach students skills that could be applicable across a wide variety of industries.  Biotechnology degree programs may prepare students to pursue potential career opportunities in agriculture, research, healthcare, medical science, food science, public policy and more! 

Students interested in enrolling in an online biotechnology graduate school might benefit from having an academic or professional background in the sciences or technology.  Students from all backgrounds might be interested in a career in biotechnology, but they might benefit from undertaking some post-bac coursework in the sciences to prepare for an online graduate program in biotechnology.

Online biotechnology graduate schools often offer flexible scheduling that may make the format ideal for busy working professionals. 

Accredited graduate programs in biotechnology are available online. features a comprehensive listing of online graduate programs in biotechnology, filter your online biotechnology graduate schools search by degree for online Masters Programs in Biotechnology. Students might be able to engage in topical or highly specialized coursework in graduate level biotechnology studies in an online Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology program.

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