Hybrid Biotechnology Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

Hybrid biotechnology graduate degree programs employ classroom based instruction and online courses to help students enhance their knowledge of how the application of biology and technology might transform the world.

Hybrid biotechnology graduate programs are available in many states and cities.  Accredited hybrid graduate programs in biotechnology are available at a number of schools and in many US and international locations. 

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Some common hybrid biotechnology graduate program courses might include: development of vaccines to infectious diseases, biology of emerging microbial diseases, stem cell engineering, and biomaterials. Biotech graduate programs might require students to complete research projects and laboratory experiments. 

Biotechnology graduate schools may require applicants to submit GRE scores, recommendation letters, transcripts, and a personal essay as part of their application. 

Students interested in enrolling in a biotechnology graduate school might benefit from having background in the sciences or technology.  Biotechnology degree programs may prepare students to pursue potential career opportunities in agriculture, research, healthcare, medical science, food science, animal science, and even public policy.

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