Genomics Graduate Programs & Genetics Graduate Programs

Considering genetic counseling programs or a degree in genomics? Genetics graduate programs are designed to train professionals to work with DNA and genomes, especially through the application of bioinformatics. Those with genomics degrees work in research centers, counsel patients through genetic counseling programs about their rights and options related to the use of genetic information, and do public and private healthcare.

Genomics is an exciting new health field and with academic training from genetics graduate programs, you may be able to pursue a career in which you search for a deeper understanding of the building blocks of life.

Choosing Genetics Graduate Programs

Genetics graduate programs may offer students many ways to advance their understanding of biology, sequence analysis and genomics. You might select a genetic counseling program that has online, hybrid, or on-campus classes. Plus many genetic counseling schools allow students to enroll on a part-time or full-time basis.

Genomics graduate programs also have a number of academic specializations and may offer programs at the masters and doctorate levels.

Masters in Genetics Programs

Those with a bachelors degree could enroll in masters in genetics programs such as the Masters of Genetic Counseling. Genetics masters programs may provide rigorous instruction in modern biology with a special emphasis on genetics. Students might establish a solid foundation in basic genetic principles, as well as research practices. Masters in genetics programs often award an MS degree and act as a pathway to the doctorate in genetics program. Therefore, many programs may require a thesis after completing all coursework.

Doctorate in Genetics Programs

After earning a master's degree, some students may wish to pursue a PhD in Genetics such as a Ph.D. in Genomic Science, or a Doctorate in Human Genetics. These research focused programs could be an opportunity to explore a specific area of genomics in detail. In addition to coursework in molecular biology, research ethics and human genomics, students typically complete and defend a dissertation. Here PhD in Genetics students may explore an area of interest through independent research and contribute new ideas to the field.

Certificate in Genomics Programs

Some genomics programs also offer a graduate certificate track, like a Post-Master's Certificate in Sequence Analysis and Genomics. These are often designed for scientists with experience who want to expand their knowledge in a specific area, such as bioinformatics. Due to the focused coursework, these may require less time to complete than a full degree program.

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