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Campus molecular biology graduate programs are designed to train students for possible careers in the healthcare, agricultural, and biotechnology industries. Molecular biology programs also prepare professionals for possible work in government agencies or teaching at the K-12 and university level. If you are drawn to understanding how organisms work at the cellular level, an exciting career in this scientific field may be a good choice for you.

By enrolling in one of the on-campus molecular biology programs, you can gain the skills and experiences to pursue a career in molecular biology. When you take traditional classes on campus, you enjoy the benefits of working side by side with other students, faculty, and practitioners who share your passion for researching and studying life at the cellular level. The best molecular biology programs with on-campus classes also offer opportunities to network professionally and personally. In some molecular biology programs, you may be able to do your graduate studies on a part time or full time basis and you can specialize at both the masters and doctorate degree level and, in some programs, at the graduate certificate level. Some examples of these academic options include an on-campus Masters of Biomolecular Studies, an on-campus Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, and an on-campus Cell Biology Certificate program. You can also focus your molecular biology graduate school studies on earning a teaching credential or graduate degree designed for possible teaching opportunities at the K-12 or college level.

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