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Online Biochemistry Graduate Programs often tailor programs so that working professionals could conveniently immerse themselves in the study of life at the molecular level. A laboratory-focused branch of science, biochemistry analyzes biological systems like metabolism, heredity, cell growth and diseases using advanced chemical principles.

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Online Biochemistry Graduate Programs: Overview

At the graduate level, an online biochemistry degree might lead to a Master of Science (MS) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Masters students often conduct a thorough study of current literature to write and research for their thesis. PhD students may use their research to add to the body of knowledge in their technical field.

Most programs offer structure via a hub of web-based and compulsory courses. From this central core, students might choose electives with an advisor/mentor from a pool of courses in both chemistry and biology. Participants might therefore study topics like Molecular Genetics and Chemical Thermodynamics from a computer or mobile tablet.

Online Biochemistry Courses

The fact that you want to pursue a graduate biochemistry degree online means you may take some or all courses online, but each school has a different course list.

Some programs might expose students to advanced methods in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology. There could also be laboratory research and literature-based research. Also, a course plan might include a significant number of “hands on” lab-based courses. These aim to help students build expertise in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, and biotechnology concepts and skills.

Inside an Online Biochemistry Graduate Course

Wonder what biochemistry is all about? In some schools, students might take Biochemistry I and II. The first part of the course might introduce students to the metabolism of biological molecules. For instance, glucose metabolism might be covered in detail. Other topics might include three other themes.

  1. Catabolism of Lipids and Amino Acids
  2. Enzymatic Mechanisms and Regulation
  3. Relevant Signaling Pathways

The second part to this course might discuss the structure of amino acids and proteins. Enzyme mechanisms, functions of co-enzymes and advance enzyme kinetics could also be covered. Ultimately students in this course might be able to derive changes in enzyme function and structure from changes in the amino acid sequence of the protein.

Online Masters in Biochemistry Programs

An online Master of Science(MS) in Biochemistry is an integrated basic science program. It often infuses core concepts of biochemistry and molecular biology as applied to the biomedical sciences and biotechnology. Students could learn some fascinating things like how to relate medical diagnoses and treatment at the molecular level.

Most MS programs have students take courses, pass a comprehensive exam, and choose between a thesis and non-thesis track. A degree plan might, for example, have students complete 30 credits worth of graduate-level course work, with about 12 credits devoted to required courses and 18 credits worth of electives.

Participants might take core classes in Genetics, Organic Chemistry, Toxicology, Immunology and Medical Chemistry. Want to broaden the ways you apply biology and chemistry? Choose topics such as Forensic Chemistry, Biochemistry of Cancer and Biochemistry of Obesity and Diabetes. These might help tailor MS studies to line up with professional and personal interests.

Online MS in Chemical Engineering Program

An online Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSCHE) program may aim to supplement the education of full-time practicing chemical engineers.

Chemical engineering is all about the application of principles of chemistry, biology, physics, and math to solve problems. These dilemmas may involve the production or use of chemicals, fuel, drugs, food, and many other products.

An adaptable curriculum could be built around a core of chemical engineering fundamentals and electives. MSCHE online students may therefore study to develop mastery of wide range of subjects, such as:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Transport Phenomena
  • Chem Kinetics & Catalysis
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Protein Engineering
  • Biomaterials & Drug Delivery

Online PhD in Biochemistry Programs

A PhD in Biochemistry is the highest research degree for scientists in this field. Online Biochemistry PhD programs may have students study the didactic portion of their program online and perform research at the institution where they are employed.

Each school may have different overall requirements. These might have students complete a set of required courses, perform dissertation research, and pass a qualifying exam. Online PhD students may also need to visit campus every year to present their research and pass the dissertation examination.

Why Earn a Biochemistry Degree Online?

Individuals who pursue a biochemistry degree online may be exposed to the same rigorous, integrated and up-to-date curriculum as their campus peers, but with no (or little) commute.

Lectures might be streamed through Skype or Blackboard collaborative technology, and recorded lectures may also be used. This may be an asset for individuals who need some flexibility in their schedules.

To make it even more engaging, each biochem online course might weave in some threaded discussion. This means online learners might interact with the scientific minds of faculty and fellow students, as well as frequently assess their course material.

Application information

An online Masters in Biochemistry could be available to those with undergraduate degrees in biochemistry, biology, chemistry or a related field. A PhD program in Biochemistry might target full-time professionals employed in industry or other research laboratories who are involved in research at their workplace but do not have a PhD.

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