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Hybrid Cultural Studies Graduate Programs Overview

A Hybrid Area, Ethnic and Cultural Studies graduate program combines the convenience of online courses with a low residency college campus component. This type of learning format allows students to earn Cultural Studies degree while maintaining a busy family or work life. Online study means you need a computer with reliable Internet, and campus courses mean you get the chance to network, interact with peers and professors, and gain access to college facilities such as libraries, social services and the gymnasium.

Cultural Studies Hybrid Graduate Programs InformationCultural Studies as an academic pursuit takes an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing from the social sciences such as sociology, religion, philosophy, history, anthropology and political science. As well, some cultural studies programs entail studying a foreign language as a way to explore different geographical areas, peoples and cultures, gender and race, as well as issues that involve social and cultural themes, such as world peace or peace in the Middle East.

If this sounds fascinating to you, since you will be spending some part of your time on campus, you may want to look into Hybrid Cultural Studies programs by location. Filter a search using the city, state, or country tabs on GradSchools.com, then narrow your choices depending on the degree level, whether Certificate, masters or PhD. Some of the listings might include Hybrid Master of Arts in American History and Government (MAHG) or Doctor of Philosophy- Humanities and Culture.

While a liberal arts degree, a Cultural Studies degree may offer useful and transferable skills that graduates are able to use in the workforce. An education in cultural or ethnic studies may prepare graduates for an array of potential careers in government, business, education, journalism, and the non-profit sectors. Why not start searching for the Hybrid program in cultural studies that aligns with your interests and goals for your future!

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