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An online European Studies program can prepare you for a variety of challenging careers. European Studies includes topics like European history, languages, economics, politics and culture. Many students focus on the complexities of the European Union. With all these choices, a European Studies degree may lead to a job in a range of industries, like education, government, banking or the law.

With so many different countries and cultures in Europe, there are many different types of online European Studies programs. Students can earn an online Masters in European Studies or an Online Graduate Certificate in European History. Students can also earn an Online Eurostate - Master in European Administration and Diplomacy PhD.

The great thing about online programs is that you can study on your own time while still getting a rigorous education. Online programs are also a great way to network and meet people with advanced forums and group project tools.

Your search for an online European Studies program is a whole lot easier with You can filter your search by online master’s degree, online certificate or online PhD. And you can filter your degree by city, state and country. With so many options you’re sure to find the online European Studies program that works for you!

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