Asian Studies Graduate Programs & Asian Studies Graduate Schools

Asian studies graduate programs may be the perfect opportunity for you if you if you are looking to deepen your knowledge of the region. Asian studies programs typically offer students the opportunity to learn about the culture, politics, history, language and literature of the area. Programs may be focused on a single country or a group of countries.

Types of Asian Studies Graduate Programs

An Asian studies degree could provide valuable background for individuals interested in pursuing careers in government, journalism, NGOs,international business, or academia. You will want to carefully consider your goals and the focus of the program you are choosing. If you are hoping to pursue a non-academic career, you may be more interested in a Masters in Asian Studies whereas a Ph.D. in Asian Studies might likely be good preparation for teaching and research in the field. On the other hand you may prefer to earn a graduate certificate, especially if you want to deepen your knowledge in small area of Asian studies such as a Graduate Certificate in Japanese or South Asian Dance Studies.

Narrow Your Search for Asian Studies Graduate Programs

You will also want to consider which format will work best for you. An Asian studies online degree may be best for flexibility while campus-based Asian studies degrees offer face-to-face interaction and networking opportunities. In particular given the nature of the degree, you may want to consider searching our directory for Asian studies programs based in Asia and get some hands-on cultural experience while you study.

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