Louisiana Asian Studies Graduate Schools & Programs

Students in a campus based Asian studies degree program undertake an interdisciplinary exploration of the language, culture, and history of Asian societies. Local Asian studies degrees offer students opportunities to have face-to-face interactions with peers of similar interests. If you are seeking a traditional academic career, a campus-based Asian studies Ph.D. program might prepare you for that setting.  Some schools with Asian studies programs might even offer graduate student teaching or research opportunities. You may also want to consider searching our directory for Asian studies programs based in Asia and get some hands-on cultural or language experience while you study.

Asian studies programs typically offer students the opportunity to learn about the culture, politics, history, language and literature of the area. Programs may be focused on a single country or a group of countries. Campus-based Asian studies degrees are frequently interdisciplinary in nature. You will want to consider carefully your career goals when picking a program and if they include research, consider the interests of the faculty on campus. An Asian studies degree could provide valuable background for a role in government, journalism, NGOs, or education in the region.

Some programs you may want to consider include:

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