Ontario Campus Urban Design Graduate Programs & Campus Urban Design Graduate Schools

Campus based Urban Landscape Design graduate programs work to broaden students design and planning skills. Curriculums offer advanced study and research opportunities in the design of ecologically and economically productive urban environments. Explore this rapidly growing field through a dynamic mix of design and technical courses. Degrees will prepare you for careers in architecture, public policy and urban affairs, civil and environmental engineering, and earth and environmental science.

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Horticulture Landscape Management Graduate Certificate, Master of Science in Design and Urban Ecologies, or a campus based Ph.D. in Urban Design. Learning about urban landscape design alongside your peers and professor is a great way to engross yourself in the learning process and group setting. You can also look into global urban landscape design programs graduate programs that may take you to faraway and thrilling corners of the world, while you’re earning your degree. Jumpstart your search for on campus urban landscape design degrees now!

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