Online Architecture Graduate Programs & Schools

Graduate online architecture programs offer masters degrees, doctorates, and graduate certificates in architecture. That could include a variety of concentrations, including but not limited to construction management and urban and landscape design. Many online architecture programs are designed to support professionals in expanding their skills and expertise. However, some may additionally help aspiring architects build a foundation of skills to get started. Overall, online architecture programs offer a more flexible alternative to studying architecture at the graduate level.

Architecture Graduate Programs Online

Why Study Architecture Online?

Studying architecture online could be a unique experience. For one, it’s flexible. Whether you’re already working as an architect, or have a job in another field, being able to access your architecture courses online could help education fit into your life. You might even get experience using CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) and BIM (building information modeling) software similar to what you might in the field. And since online courses are portable, you could take your study wherever you need to go—such as taking your studies on the road to see examples of the architecture you’re studying up close. Some online programs may even have limited on-campus experiences, like residencies, allowing students to access the benefits of both formats.

Types of Graduate Online Architecture Programs

While graduate online architecture programs might come in both professional and post-professional varieties, the majority of them are likely to be post-professional. Professional architecture programs are ones aimed toward students with little or no experience, who are preparing to enter the field for the first time. Post-professional programs are intended to serve students who have previously studied architecture and/or have some experience. Online architecture programs may also offer a variety of specialties or concentrations, which may vary by school. Two such examples are listed below.

Online Urban & Landscape Design Programs

Online Urban and Landscape Design Programs prepare students to create attractive, functional public spaces. The topics covered may vary based on the area of focus. For example, an urban planning program may discuss roads and infrastructure, policy issues, and even sociology and economics. Online landscape design programs, meanwhile, might look at how to design safe and accessible parks, trails, and campuses. They might also talk about environmental and sustainability issues. Online urban and landscape design programs may offer masters degrees, doctorates, or graduate certificates.

Online Construction Management Programs

Online construction management programs bring together aspects of operations management and architecture. They aim to prepare students to oversee a team as they put an architect’s plans into action. Programs may help students develop fluency with architectural principles, so as to better interpret and act on designs. Other relevant subjects could include workforce management, contract negotiation, scheduling, cost estimation, and more. Online construction management programs may offer master’s degrees or graduate certificates.

Graduate Online Architecture Degree & Certificate Levels

Graduate online architecture degree and certificate programs may be available in several formats and levels. Degree levels include masters and doctoral programs, as well as graduate certificates. In addition to the degree level itself, prerequisites for attendance could be influenced by factors like the concentration selected, whether it’s professional or post-professional, the school’s primary on-site location, and other factors.

Online Masters in Architecture

With the increasing role of technology not just in architecture but in education, it’s possible to earn your masters degree in architecture online. Online masters in architecture programs may offer several different types of masters degrees, including the ones listed below.

  • Master of Architecture (MArch): Often offered as a professional degree, many MArch programs aim to develop fundamental architecture abilities. This includes design skills, like visualization, creativity, not to mention drawing and modeling ability. It also includes engineering principles related to designing useful and accessible structures safely, as well as legal issues like building codes and other regulations.
  • MA or MS in Architecture: Usually offered post-professionally, Master of Arts and Master of Science in architecture programs may be research-based, helping experienced architects either apply architecture research in the field, or prepare for study at the doctoral level.
  • MFA in Architecture: A terminal degree, MFA in Architecture programs often focus on the creative side of architecture, particularly design. As such, they may emphasize portfolio work and workshop style learning.

Remember that each program to earn your masters in architecture online may be unique, and may not align with all the details described above. For more information about each one, reach out to the program in question.

Online Architecture Doctoral Programs

Online architecture doctoral programs award a PhD to students who successfully complete the program. These programs often focus on performing research in and around current architectural practices, architectural history, and related issues. Often, these programs are designed for students with experience and prior architecture education, and look toward professional roles in research and higher education.

Online Graduate Certificate in Architecture

Online architecture graduate certificate programs generally center on a specific type or application of architecture, or another related skill or topic. These concentrations could be diverse, touching on anything from drafting skills to safety to historical eras in architecture. The programs are often fairly short compared to degree programs. They might be offered at the masters level—e.g. being comprised of masters courses—or higher. As such, the prerequisites to earn one may vary. For more information, reach out to the program offering the certificate in question.

Find Graduate Architecture Programs Online

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