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Graduate Architecture Programs are for architects and other professionals interested in advancing their skillset and/or preparing to pursue licensure. At architecture graduate schools, students explore issues and trends in modern architecture, such as sustainability, historic preservation and urbanism. Most architecture programs take an integrative approach to reflect the complex nature of architecture projects today. As a result, courses may touch on topics beyond design to prepare students to work with teams of professionals from a variety of fields, including engineering, management, science, and computer science.

Some architecture graduate school programs may also offer a licensure track, to help students prepare to meet the requirements for licensure. Look for National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) and the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) approved programs if this interests you. Licensure requirements vary. Check with your state's board for details.

Curriculum of Graduate Architecture Programs

There are numerous architecture graduate schools throughout the world, enabling future and practicing architects to study bodies of work in thematic and physical areas interesting to them. Commonly emphasizing architectural history, visual studies, technology, innovation, and professional practice, architecture grad school could prepare students to be innovative and responsive actors in the creation of built environments in many capacities. Programs usually consist of a combination of coursework and experiential learning, helping students build a foundation of both theory and practical experience. Some programs may also require a thesis project or other form of final project.

Architecture graduate schools may offer programs at the masters, doctorate or certificate level. Masters of Architecture programs are most common and typically lead to M.Arch degrees. However, MS programs or M.Arch/MBA,  MArch/MFA and M.Arch/MEng cross disciplinary programs may also be available. Every architecture graduate school is different, so contact programs directly for details.

How to Select an Architecture Grad School

Through on-campus, online, and hybrid formats, graduate architecture schools strive to meet the needs and goals of working and otherwise busy professionals interested in advancing and enriching their careers. You can find the best architecture graduate school programs for you by using our filters to search by location, degree type, and program type (on-campus, online, or hybrid). For example, you can look into earning a Master of Science in Architecture, or a Master in Architectural Engineering, or a MSc Landscape & Well-being, or a MS in Facilities Management. If you’re just starting out on enhancing your education, consider earning a Graduate Certificate in Architecture/Interior Architecture .

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Ultimately, graduate architecture programs deliver to you an opportunity to engage in advanced discourse, skill, and practice in your field. Start your search for great Architecture Programs for you today!

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