Connecticut Archaeology Graduate Campus Programs & Grad Schools

Archeology graduate on campus programs train students for careers in archeology-related fields, such as in government, construction and transportation, and cultural resource management. On-campus classes offer an environment where you can work directly with other students and faculty as well as take part in applied archeology in the field. With field experience, an archeology grad school degree may also be a path to teaching in university classrooms.

There are different kinds of archeology graduate programs available with on-campus classes and some offer either part-time or full-time schedules. Use our filters to search by degree and you’ll find programs at the certificate level (Archaeology Graduate Certificate), masters degrees (Master of Archaeology degree or a Master of Industrial Heritage and Archaeology degree), and the doctorate level (Doctorate of Archaeology or a Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology degree).

In archeology graduate programs, students often study physical anthropology and specialize in areas such as forensic and medical archeology, maritime archeology, and Mediterranean archeology. A degree from a graduate program in archeology may also lead to teaching in universities and working in national parks. Pick your archeology graduate program to best match your career goals.

You can find the best archeology graduate programs for you and your goals by using our filters to search by location, degree type, and specialization. Search through the different options at accredited colleges and universities and begin enhancing your education in archeology today!

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