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Are you looking for great accounting graduate programs? Want to earn an advanced degree or graduate certificate in accounting, to expand your skill set and become a more effective professional? Whether you’re currently working professionally in an accounting role, or whether you’re interested in pursuing a new path, accounting graduate programs might be a great fit for you.

Accounting Graduate Programs

Basics of Choosing Great Accounting Graduate Programs

Whether you’re an experienced professional, or newly graduated from a bachelor’s program, you might be able to find great accounting graduate programs that work for you. Earning your accounting master’s, graduate certificate, or even your doctorate might help you to build your skills and expand your expertise, potentially giving you what you need to be the best accountant you can be. But how do you know what kind of accounting graduate program might be a good fit?

What Can I Do With An Accounting Degree?

One great way to narrow down your accounting graduate program options is to identify your particular goals, specifically the type of accounting you’re most interested in. As an accountant, you might work in a variety of roles and settings, from working with personal finances to those of a large corporation. In addition to general accounting programs, you might find programs that allow you to specialize in areas such as taxation, forensic accounting, internal auditing, risk management, and more.

Even within those concentration areas, you might find several more specific categories. For example, if you’re interested in taxation, you might still specialize in State and Local Tax (SALT), federal tax, international, sales and use, and more, in a professional role.

No matter what your specific interest or goal, whether you want a generalized program to build a solid foundation, or accounting graduate programs that might be narrowly tailored to your current or future roles, identifying those goals may be a great way to help you narrow down your options.

Types of Accounting Graduate Programs

So you’ve decided it’s time to start looking for accounting graduate programs. But how do you figure out what options might work for you with so many of them out there? Whether you want to attend on campus or online, earn your master’s or doctorate, or have a specialization in mind, any number of possibilities might be great candidates for your application.

Masters in Accounting Programs

Ready to earn your accounting master’s degree? A variety of accounting master’s programs may be available. Whether you’re interested in a specific concentration, like taxation or forensic accounting, or otherwise, great programs are out there for you to apply.

When seeking out your accounting master’s programs, you might come across a variety of degree types. The level of difference between these may vary. For example, M.S.A., M.Acc., and M.P.A. degree programs may in some cases share more similarities than differences, unless differentiated by a specific concentration area, varying more widely on an individual basis. M.B.A. programs may vary, but might also tend to focus more on business and leadership skills, alongside the accounting material. You may also be considering a more specialized degree like the M.S.T. (Master of Science in Taxation) or the LL.M., a master’s level law degree often offered in taxation.

Accounting Doctoral Programs

If you’re looking to earn your doctorate in accounting or a related concentration area, several unique options for potential accounting doctoral programs might be up for consideration, depending on your goals, interests, or the type of accounting you’re pursuing. Luckily, you might be able to find these programs in a variety of formats, whether you’re more interested in online, on campus, or even hybrid.

Three of the program types you might be considering for your doctorate are Ph.D., D.B.A. (Doctor of Business Administration), and J.D. The former two, Ph.D. and D.B.A. programs, might be available for a wide variety of accounting concentration areas and types, depending on your preferences and the programs in question.

The level of similarity or difference between D.B.A. and Ph.D. programs may vary depending on the program in question; however, some people seeking a Ph.D. might be interested in an academic career path, researching and teaching at a business school. Many D.B.A. candidates may already hold M.B.A. degrees.

J.D. programs, meanwhile, are focused on law. As such, many accounting J.D. programs may focus on areas such as taxation and auditing. If either of those areas fall within your goals, interests, or experience, this might be a good fit for you.

Accounting Graduate Certificate Programs

Interested in an accounting graduate certificate? Whether you hold a bachelors degree in accounting or higher, great graduate certificate programs might be available at your level and focusing on your area of interest. Accounting graduate certificates may be offered at the master’s or post-master’s level, allowing you to pursue graduate-level education as appropriate to your level of experience without enrolling in a full graduate degree program.

Potential Formats for Accounting Graduate Programs

Whether you’re looking for a master’s in accounting program, a doctoral program, or want to earn your graduate certificate, finding a program that fits conveniently into your life and learning style may be within reach. Each program format may have unique benefits that may recommend them to you.

  • On campus accounting graduate programs may be a good choice for you if you value the experience of the campus environment, or the stability of the brick-and-mortar classroom. On top of being able to become a part of the campus community, you may be able to collaborate with your peers, interact directly with your professors, take advantage of valuable networking opportunities, and more. You might also have access to facilities and services like libraries, technology labs, and career and academic counseling, dependent upon what is offered at your school of choice, should you be accepted.
  • Online accounting graduate programs might be a great choice for those who emphasize flexibility when choosing a program. These programs may be available in several formats. Synchronous online programs may aim to incorporate some of the qualities of campus programs by asking students to log into online course modules at specific times, attending classroom activities like discussions and livestreamed lectures. Asynchronous programs, meanwhile, might emphasize that flexibility, allowing students to log into courses at their convenience each week to complete course requirements.
  • Hybrid accounting graduate programs may be a good compromise if you’re torn between online and campus programs. Hybrid programs might combine the convenience of the online space with the resources of a campus program. This might be in a low-residency format, in which participants attend online courses for the majority of the time, and complete other program requirements during one or several campus residencies each semester, or in a program combining semester long and accelerated online and campus courses, allowing students to choose what type of course works for them.

Remember, the specific details and resources offered by each program may vary, so it’s important to follow up with your preferred programs for additional information when making your decision.

Choose Great Accounting Graduate Programs Today!

If you’re ready to find that accounting graduate program, we at are ready to help you find it. If you want to narrow down your options, you may do so by adding filters such as your preferred degree level, format, or location. Once you’re happy with your selections, start reading about each program, and reach out to your preferred options for more information or to apply.

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