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Looking for great online taxation graduate programs? Whether you’re already working in the field, or are interested in pursuing a new career in taxation, great online taxation graduate programs might be available for you to apply, whether you’re looking at the master’s level, doctoral, or even for graduate certificate programs.

Choosing Online Taxation Graduate Programs

Great online taxation graduate programs might be out there for you to find and apply, whether you have a bachelor’s degree, or have already completed some graduate education. Online taxation graduate programs might help you to expand your skill set, learn about a new concentration area, beef up your resume, or even earn those credit hours you’re looking for, all with the flexibility necessary to fit into your life.

Basics of Online Taxation Programs for Graduate Level and Beyond

Not sure how to go about choosing potential online tax accounting graduate programs? One important thing to think about is whether you’re interested in a specific concentration area or career specialization. If you’re already working in the field as a tax accountant, you might already be focusing on one specific area of taxation. If you’re new to the field, whether you’ve just graduated or are moving into taxation from other areas of accounting, you might be interested in programs tailored to a specific interest.

Potential taxation concentration areas can generally be divided up into personal tax accounting and corporate taxation. If you’re more interested in personal taxation, this might include things like tax audit assistance, tax preparation, etc. Corporate taxation, or business tax, meanwhile, might include things like State and Local Tax (SALT), international, sales and use tax, risk management, federal taxation, income tax compliance, and more. If you are interested in pursuing a career in one of these areas, you might want to look for a program with that concentration; however, more generalized programs may also be available.

Why Consider Online Taxation Graduate Programs?

If you have an independent learning style and prefer to work on your own, or if you’re a working professional who needs to balance your busy work and home life with your education, you might want to consider online taxation graduate programs. Online taxation graduate programs might have the balance of flexibility and benefits you’re looking for.

Online taxation graduate programs might be available in these formats:

  • Synchronous online taxation graduate programs might aim to incorporate as many qualities from the physical campus classroom as possible, while still offering a level of flexibility unique to online programming. This might include having to log into your online course module at specific times to attend lectures or participate in discussions and activities.
  • Asynchronous online taxation graduate programs may emphasize flexibility in the program formatting. That means that you might be able to log into your course module at times that work for you each week to complete course requirements, rather than being required to attend at a specific time.

In addition, some online taxation graduate programs might blend synchronous and asynchronous options, listing different course types together in their course catalogs and allowing students to choose the type of course that might work for them when scheduling their semesters. The specific benefits, details, and formats of each program might vary, however, so make sure you follow up with your preferred programs for more details.

Types of Online Tax Degree Programs

No matter what your intended level of education, a variety of online taxation graduate programs might be available that meet your needs. Even within a specific level (such as master’s or doctoral programs), a series of unique degree types might be offered upon completion of a given program. Choosing between these programs and degree types might be a challenge if you’re not sure what you’re looking at. Here’s a basic guide of what might be available.

Online Masters in Taxation Programs

Interested in online taxation master’s programs? If so, a number of great options might be available for you to consider and apply. Some of the degree types you might encounter are:

  • M.S.T. or Master of Science in Taxation
  • LL.M. (Legum Magister, or Master of Law)
  • M.S.A. or Master of Science in Accounting with a concentration in taxation
  • M.P.A. or Master of Professional Accountancy with a concentration in taxation

The degree of contrast between these degree types might vary depending on the program in question. In some cases, they might be quite similar but have unique naming conventions at that institution. In other cases, the differences might be greater. M.S.T. programs (sometimes also available as M.A.T.) are a degree type unique to taxation, and as such, are likely to have a heavy focus on taxation skills and knowledge over general accountancy skills. LL.M. programs are also an option. These programs may be offered by law schools, and might focus on topics like tax legislation or litigation. Meanwhile, M.S.A. and M.P.A. programs may include more general accountancy skills and knowledge in addition to taxation.

Remember, the specific details may vary between different online accounting graduate programs, so it’s important to follow up with schools you’re interested in for more information to make your decision.

Online Taxation Doctoral Programs

Looking for online taxation doctoral programs? Online taxation doctoral programs might be offered in several formats. However, one of the more commonly sought types might be the J.D. or Juris Doctor (Doctor of Law or Jurisprudence). This degree type is a professional doctorate of law, typically offered by law schools. J.D. candidates might seek the option to practice law professionally, or to apply their legal knowledge in other relevant areas, such as taxation. Due to the many ways that legal matters intersect with taxation, this might be a great option for you, especially if you’ve already earned your LL.M. Additionally, you might be able to find some continuous or combined LL.M./J.D. programs, or even M.S.T./J.D. programs.

If you’re not interested in a J.D. for your preferred online taxation doctoral programs, you might instead want to look at Ph.D. programs that focus on tax law. The specific ways these programs might vary from J.D. programs may depend heavily on the individual program, but they might focus on other areas of taxation than legal matters. They might also be a good fit if you’re interested in potentially teaching at the university level in the future.

Online Taxation Graduate Certificate Programs

Whether you aren’t quite ready to earn your master’s degree or you already have it, online taxation graduate certificate programs might be a great option for you to expand your expertise and education at the graduate level. Potentially available at both the master’s and post-master’s level, online taxation graduate certificates might be a great way for you to study a specific subject or concentration within your field, in addition to gaining some general education and completing those credit hours. Because of the variety of concentrations potentially available, the differences between programs might vary on an individual basis, so it’s important to follow up with the programs you’re interested in for more information when deciding where to apply.

Find and Apply for Great Online Taxation Graduate Programs!

If you’re ready to find and apply for great online taxation graduate programs, is ready to help! We have a list of great options you might be interested in. If you’d like to narrow the list down a bit further, you might choose to add additional filters, such as your preferred program level. Once you’re happy with your selections, start reading about you r potential online taxation graduate programs, and reach out to the ones you might like for more information or to start applying!

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