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If you’re looking for online accounting graduate programs, you may be in luck. Whether you want to earn a graduate certificate, your master’s degree, or even a doctorate, great programs are increasingly available online. That means that, even if you’re a busy working professional balancing your work and home life, you might be able to find online accounting graduate programs with enough flexibility to work in your life and on your schedule.

Online Accounting Graduate Programs

Basics of Choosing Online Accounting Graduate Programs

Especially if you’re an experienced professional, with a busy work and home life to balance, online graduate programs in accounting might be a great way to continue your education in a way that works for you. Whether you’re currently working in the field or just starting out, graduate education might be a great way to enhance your skill set and help you to succeed.

Why Consider Online Accounting Graduate Programs?

Whether flexibility of schedule is a primary concern, or whether you’re an independent learner who simply enjoys the freedom that comes with it, online accounting graduate programs might have what you’re looking for. Online accounting graduate programs might enable you to work toward earning that graduate degree or certificate while still actively participating in your career and home life. These programs might be available in two formats:

  • Synchronous programs might try and bring as many benefits as they can from the physical classroom into the online space. This means that students may be required to log into course modules at specific times each week to attend classroom activities such as live streamed lectures, participate in discussions, and other course requirements.
  • Asynchronous programs might emphasize flexibility in their formats and offerings, aiming to fit into your life as conveniently as they can, rather than emulating the physical
  • classroom. That means that as a student, you might be able to log into your course module and complete your course requirements at your convenience.

In addition to the above, some programs might offer both synchronous and asynchronous courses within their catalogue, allowing you to choose what works best for you when scheduling your semester. The specific details about how an individual online graduate program works and the resources and benefits they might offer may vary, so make sure to follow up with your chosen schools for additional details.

Potential Concentrations in Online Accounting Graduate Programs

If you’re preparing to earn your graduate degree or certificate in accounting, one important factor in that decision might be identifying whether you wish to pursue a specific accounting concentration. While some programs might focus on your technical accounting skills without studying a specific concentration area, many others may be more narrowly focused. Some concentration areas you might find may include taxation or forensic accounting. Even within these fields, you may still find more narrow focuses. For example, within taxation, you might choose to focus on international taxation, sales and use, federal taxation, state and local taxation, internal auditing, and more. This might be useful if you’re already working in the field, making it possible that you might find an online accounting graduate program somewhat more tailored to your current and future roles, if you choose to apply and are accepted.

Types of Online Accounting Graduate Programs

If you’re searching for the perfect online accounting graduate programs, a variety of options may be at your fingertips. Whether you want to pursue a concentration or not, figuring out which programs might be a good fit for your goals and needs might seem like a challenge. Whether you’re looking at the master’s level, doctoral, or at graduate certificate programs, a variety of degree types might be available if you apply and are accepted to the programs in question.

Online Accounting Master’s Programs

If you’re interested in online accounting masters programs, you might have a variety of degree type options under consideration. Many of these have unique qualities and strengths, and some of them might be uniquely suited to a specific concentration area or career goal. Some potential accounting master’s degree types include:

  • Master of Science in Accounting, frequently referred to as the M.S.A.
  • Master of Accounting, or M.Acc.
  • Master of Professional Accounting, or M.P.A.
  • Master of Science in Taxation, frequently referred to as M.S.T.
  • LL.M., which stands for Legum Magister, or Master of Law
  • M.B.A. programs focusing on accounting, taxation, and other similar fields.

When choosing between programs offering one or more of these degree types, the differences between them might vary considerably. For example, in the case of some programs, such as M.S.A., M.Acc., and M.P.A., the differences between some programs might come down to naming conventions at the schools in question, whereas at other schools, the differences might be considerable. In other cases, the unique qualities are clearer. For example, an M.S.T. program is likely to focus on taxation (hence the name), whereas an LL.M., while you might study accounting, taxation, forensic science, or another related field, may tend to focus on the legal aspects of those areas and be offered by a school of law.

Because of the potential variation in programs, even ones of the same or similar types, it is important to follow up with your schools of interest for more information, when making that important decision where to apply.

Online Accounting Doctoral Programs

If you’ve already earned your master’s in accounting and are looking for online accounting doctoral programs, you might have under consideration a variety of different programs. As with master’s programs, doctoral programs might be offered in a variety of ways, with several different potential degree types awarded upon completion. These might include:

  • Ph.D.
  • J.D.
  • D.B.A.

Of these, Ph.D. programs might be the most broadly familiar, and as such, applicable in a variety of ways and circumstances. However, some Ph.D. candidates might choose that particular degree with the goal of potentially performing academic research or teaching in a business school in the future. Meanwhile, J.D., or Juris Doctor, programs, like LL.D. programs, may take a legal perspective and be offered by a school of law, and may be appealing to those with an interest in how law intersects with accounting, or for those who wish to practice law. Meanwhile, D.B.A. programs may focus on business, and many candidates who choose one of these programs may previously have earned an M.B.A.

As with master’s programs, as the details may vary between schools and programs, make sure to follow up with your preferred schools for more specific information to aid you in making that decision where to apply.

Online Accounting Graduate Certificate Programs

Whether you’re not quite ready to start working toward that accounting master’s degree, or whether you have already earned one, earning a graduate certificate in accounting might be a great way to expand your expertise by studying at the graduate level. Online accounting graduate certificate programs may allow you to study a specific topic or concentration in depth, or to take those first steps into graduate level coursework without enrolling in a degree program. These programs might be available at the master’s level (potentially of interest to those holding bachelor’s degrees) or the post-master’s level (for those who have already earned a master’s degree). Because of the potential variety in courses of study for accounting graduate certificate programs, make sure to follow up with your preferred schools for additional information.

Start Searching for Online Accounting Graduate Programs

If you’re ready to get started finding great online accounting graduate programs, you’ve come to the right place. has a number of potential great programs that might meet your needs. If you’d like to narrow this list down further, you may choose to add additional filters such as your preferred concentration area (taxation or forensic accounting) or program level. Once you’re happy with your choices, get started reading up on potential programs, and reach out to the ones that sound promising for more information or to get the application process started!

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