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Ready to earn your degree, and looking for great on campus accounting graduate programs? Whether you want to earn a graduate certificate, your master’s degree, or even your doctorate, finding on campus accounting graduate programs might be the first step on your path toward success.

On Campus Accounting Graduate Programs Basics

Graduate Programs in Accounting Schools

On campus accounting graduate programs might be a great fit for you, whether you’re an experienced accountant or a recent graduate from a baccalaureate program. But with the variety of options out there—taxation and forensic accounting to name a few—how do you know what program might be a good fit for your needs and interests?

Why Consider On Campus Accounting Graduate Programs?

Whether you’re looking for a convenient, commutable option from home or work, or want to study in an exciting new location, on campus accounting graduate programs might have a lot to offer you. Studying on a physical campus might be a great option for learners who thrive in that classroom environment. You might have the opportunity to collaborate with peers, interact with faculty, and more. Studying on a physical campus might avail you of valuable networking opportunities, in addition to facilities and services like libraries, technology labs, career and academic counseling, and more. The specific services and facilities available at your school of choice might vary, so it’s important to follow up with your selected options for additional details.

What Concentrations Might Be Available in Campus Accounting Graduate Programs?

One important aspect of selecting on campus accounting graduate programs that may work for you might be identifying your particular interests and career goals. In your professional accounting career, you might work in a variety of settings, ranging from managing personal finances to roles in large corporations. This may carry with it a variety of possibilities and focus areas. While many accounting programs and even positions might have a more generalized focus, many others may be more narrowly focused on a specific concentration area, including examples such as taxation or forensic accounting. Even within those concentration areas, you may have specific interests. For example, taxation might include focuses on topics like State and Local Tax (SALT), federal tax, international, sales and use, compliance, and more.

Whatever your area of interest, whether you want to enroll in a more generalized program that builds a solid foundation of accounting skills, or pursue study in an area more narrowly tailored to your desired career path, great options might be available if you choose to apply.

Types of On Campus Accounting Graduate Programs

If you’re ready to start looking for great on campus accounting graduate programs, how do you know which ones to consider? Even if you’ve narrowed down some of your options, such as studying on campus or pursuing a specific concentration, a number of programs might still sound like great possibilities. Knowing what types of programs might be out there may help you to make that decision.

On Campus Accounting Master’s Programs

On campus accounting master’s programs might be offered in a variety of forms. From potential concentration areas like taxation and forensic accounting to unique degree types, choosing the right program might be a multifaceted decision.

Accounting master’s degree programs might award any of several types of degrees upon completion:

  • M.S.A., or Master of Science in Accounting
  • M.Acc., or Master of Accounting
  • M.P.A. or Master of Professional Accounting
  • M.B.A. programs in taxation, accounting, or other related areas.
  • M.S.T. or Master of Science in Taxation
  • LL.M. (Legum Magister, or Master of Law) in accounting, taxation, or another related field.

In some cases, (such as for M.S.A., M.Acc., and M.P.A. programs) the differences between individual programs might be fine, and come down to elements such as naming convention; in others, the differences might be more significant. Some of these programs may also be more specialized or have unique perspectives. For example, an M.B.A. program might focus on business and leadership skills in addition to accounting coursework, while an LL.M. program may be offered by a law school and take a legal perspective accordingly. Depending on your goals and interests, you may find that some of these degree types are more likely to interest you than others, but make sure to follow up with any program you might be considering for additional details, as the specifics may vary.

On Campus Accounting Doctoral Programs

Looking to earn your accounting doctorate? Whether you want an accounting program, or a related concentration like taxation or forensic accounting, great on campus programs might be out there for you, if you choose to apply and are accepted.

On campus accounting doctoral programs, like master’s programs, might be offered in several forms. Each of these degree types might have unique advantages, depending on your areas of interest, career goals, focus areas, and other related factors. Among these doctoral program degree types may be:

  • Ph.D. Programs
  • J.D. Programs
  • D.B.A. Programs

The degree of contrast between these program types may vary depending on the individual programs in question; however, your professional goals might help you to narrow down the options in some cases. For example, many D.B.A. candidates may already have earned an M.B.A., and might be value the opportunity to focus on business and leadership related topics alongside accounting. Some Ph.D. candidates may want the opportunity to teach in a university business school setting in the future. Meanwhile, J.D. programs, which are legally focused and often offered by or in conjunction with law schools, may attract students interested in how accounting and legal issues intersect, or are pursuing concentration areas like taxation.

As always, the specific details of each program and program type may vary at your schools of choice, so follow up with your preferred programs for more information when making your decision where to apply.

On Campus Accounting Graduate Certificate Programs

Whether you already hold a master’s degree or higher, or you’re not quite ready to earn it, great accounting graduate certificate programs may be available for you to apply. Earning a graduate certificate in accounting or a related concentration area may be a great way to pursue graduate level education and expand your expertise. Some of these programs may focus on narrower concentrations, enabling you to study your topic of choice in detail without enrolling in a full degree program. On campus accounting graduate certificate programs may be offered at the master’s or even post-master’s level.

Find Your On Campus Accounting Graduate Programs!

Ready to start looking for great on campus accounting graduate programs? GradSchools.com is here to help you find them! If you need to narrow down your options a bit more, you might choose to add filters such as your preferred concentration, program level, or location. Once you’re satisfied, read up on your potential program choices, and reach out to your favorites for more information or to begin the application process.

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