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About is the leading online resource for graduate school education. In addition to featuring almost 67,000 graduate programs in our directory, we also provide insight to other higher education topics such as financial aid, career information, the application process, job resources and more.

Our professional team includes experts in higher education market research, subject-specific career professionals and currently enrolled graduate students. Whether you’re covering a story on the rise of online education or focusing on adults going back to school, can be of great help to your institution’s media outlet. We offer quotes, opinions and statistics from our research, courtesy of Aslanian Market Research.

Aslanian Market Research provides market research studies and white papers focusing on topics such as adult students, online education, enrollment decision making, employers and more. Below are a few examples:

"Online college education is working. A survey conducted for this report, which comprises 1,500 students recently enrolled, currently enrolled, or planning to enroll in a fully online program, revealed that 44% did not even consider classroom-based programs when searching for a college." i
"Among all respondents, 44% improved their employment standing (e.g., by obtaining a first-time, full-time or new job). Salary increases and promotions were received by 45% and 36%, respectively, among those surveyed." ii
"67% of respondents said that a college being accredited is an important factor in a school's reputation. 44% said the school's overall reputation is the most important factor when selecting an online program." iii


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