Louisiana Earn a Game Design Masters Degree Online

Earning a game design masters degree online could be a comprehensive way to learn about creating compelling games through a flexible and convenient format. First, courses in computer programming and analytics may instill a firm foundation for coding games. Then, creative courses in AI design and game psychology could help bring them further to life. And, by earning an online masters in video game design, students might develop or expand their design capabilities from the comfort of their own home.

Game Design Masters Degree Online

Online Masters in Game Design Essentials

An online video game design masters degree could prepare you to make a game that not only works but is enjoyable to play. Despite what you may think, game design is about more than just the programming aspects of creating a game. Good game design also involves things like maintaining audience interest. Audience engagement tactics and intuitive level design are prime examples of additional courses that could flesh out students’ abilities.

In addition to covering the basic mechanics, programs also try to keep students at the forefront of the industry’s constantly evolving technology. Whether it’s new consoles or gaming engines, students could explore the growing influx of advancements. For this reason, online masters in video game design may be perfect for newcomers and experienced designers alike.

Considering the time needed to cover these topics, students could potentially earn an online masters in game design in 2 years of full time study. Program lengths may vary, so follow up with prospective schools for details.

Potential Game Design Classes

Online masters in game design courses are a mix of core programming fundamentals and focused electives. The heart of your program may focus on the basics necessary to conceptualize and create a game. Potential curriculum could include the following courses.

  • AI Creation
  • Programming
  • Datamining
  • Game Analytics
  • Gaming Psychology

Additionally, the masters coursework may expand on these basics with advanced topics to flesh out students’ capabilities. Or you might wish to explore a specialized area of gaming. This is just a sample of possible courses you could take. Be sure to speak with any potential schools for more information.

Gaming Concentrations

As innovative advancements sweep the nation, so does the demand for dynamic courses to keep students at the forefront. New technologies are constantly making their way into the online game design masters classroom. Check with your preferred programs to see if they offer any of the following.

Mobile Gaming

With smart phones dominating the industry, it’s no wonder that some online game design masters programs adopted mobile application classes. Technology has improved immensely since the days of flip phones, and the gaming has too! Phones are now able to support better graphics, engines, and user interaction. Concentrated courses in mobile design could teach things like level creation, audience retention, and even business tactics! For example, atypical classes in micro-transactions might be a great way to learn about a new way to commodify your gaming talents! 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, also known as VR, is an exciting new prospect for game designers. As more of the technology becomes affordable for the in-home users, students could have the chance to work with the world-altering engines and hardware. Courses focus on ways to create an immersive environment for the user. Topics could include 3-D rendering, interactive level design, and audience engagement techniques. You might even help develop new innovations for the infant technology!

Designing a Game While Earning a Game Design Masters Degree Online

In addition to lectures and coursework, online masters in game design courses may push (or require) you to complete a game! Classes often have students develop a game from conceptualization to completion. This may provide valuable hands on experience.

And, even though you’ll be working online, you still could walk through the revision process with the help of your professors and peers. Digital communication may be a great way to receive feedback on your game! Both groups might offer you valuable insights via email, instant message, or class forums. This may provide you with a valuable community experience that helps produce a more polished piece of work.

Regardless, the completed game could be a great addition to your professional portfolio. And, as a bonus, you may also have a new game to play.

Applying to an Online Masters in Video Game Design Program

Like many masters programs, online game design masters degrees assess your academic standing. Many programs require students to submit a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, in addition to GRE scores.

Programs may also request students to submit previous examples of their design work. This could include some of the following.

  • Previous Games
  • Web Development
  • Code (Java, HTML/CSS, C#, etc.)

But don’t be afraid if you’re new to the field. This is a tool for schools to assess what support you need. Some online masters in video game design programs may take beginners, including those without undergraduate degrees in a related field. Others may look for more seasoned programmers. This helps ensure that you wind up at a school that’s perfect for you! Check with your intended program for a complete list of admission criteria.

Why Earn a Masters in Game Design Degree Online?

Since the majority game design takes place digitally, coursework is easily transferrable to the online format. That means that you could log into your classes wherever there’s Wi-Fi! And, you could do it based on your own schedule. This is great for programmers who aren’t known for keeping typical office hours. Or for those balancing careers and other responsibilities with their education. Below are few more reasons why earning an online masters in game design might be a perfect choice for you.

  • By earning your degree online, you could meet many other students from around the nation. When attending a campus program, you may be limited to working with people from your area. Online, the world is your oyster! This could be great for you and your game. You might not be limited to local schools and programs, or be required to move. Plus, working with a larger group of students might bring in new inspirational ideas dealing with different cultures, mythologies, or even regional stories! This could help you and your class create exciting games that cross-borders.
  • You might still be privy to on-campus benefits. Many schools give online students access to campus facilities, online libraries and other support services. And as mentioned before, just because you’re online, doesn’t mean you miss out on valuable feedback from professors and peers. Thanks to email, instant messaging, and class forums, students could still review and critique others’ work. Or just help answer your questions.

Log Into an Online Video Game Design Masters Degree

You might already be on the computer, so why not earn an online masters in video game design while you’re there? To start your search, browse the list of programs on this page. When you find one that looks interesting, click its link. This could provide you with more details about the program. While you’re there, click the “request info” button to receive more information from the school. This could provide you with important information about deadlines, admissions criteria, and curriculum. Good luck finding a perfect online video game design masters degree!

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