California Masters in Technology Management Degrees & Programs

For the student with a keen interest in technology and administration, a masters in technology management degree program mixes extensive technology knowledge with business management skills to prepare you for a well-rounded career path.

Technology Management programs could help you meet the challenges in today's business world with up to date skills and education.

Why Pursue a Masters in Technology Management?

While IT was once relegated to its own independent department within a business, today it's taken on a whole new importance. As companies shift from simply storing data and employee records to integrating hardware, software and online platforms into every part of their daily operations, technology management will similarly need to adapt to take on a more top-level and integrated role.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a Bachelor's Degree could qualify you for entry-level roles in the field, if you have your sights aimed higher, earning a graduate degree may work in your favor.

Masters in Technology Management

Information Technology Management Master’s Program Curriculum

Many information technology management masters degree programs seek to take students who may already have a background in basic technology operations or IT and hone those skills to serve companies in a more practical and strategic manner. As such, courses in this degree program can center on both topics - reinforcing IT-for-business, as well as introducing core business concepts such as marketing, strategy and communication.

More than the technology itself, students in a technology master's program will need to be familiar with how specific applications are used in the course of day-to-day business. This can span fields from communication technology to inventory control to personnel management and benefits.

In addition to savvy technology skills, students will be improving their

communication practices in preparation to deal with emerging business trends like social media management and globalization.

Technology Manager Salary Potential and Job Outlook

So what could you do with a technology management degree? Technology management seeks to take those with an IT background and transition them from the server room to the board room, making technology specialization and IT knowledge an integral part of a company's success.

This could potentially be a great career opportunity. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2015, computer and information systems managers earned a median annual salary of $121,600, with jobs expected to grow in this field by 15 percent through 2024 (much faster than average!).[ii]

Along similar lines, data administrators earned a 2015 median annual salary of $81,710 with an expected 11 percent increase in jobs through 2024[iii]. offers 11 Technology Management Masters Degree Programs

For those interested in a career in business, technology is likely to become an unignorable facet of the field. Regardless of industry or sector, more companies are integrating their technology teams to work more closely with business teams.

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