What is Sports Management?

What is Sports Management and why would you want a Sports Management Career? Read our article to learn What is Sports Management!

People who are interested working in the sports industry but do not intend to become professional athletes may be interested to learn: what is sports administration? In general, sports administration is a field of study involving the business side of the sports, physical fitness, and athletics industries at any level, from elementary school teams to the major leagues. Careers in sports administration could include event planning and management, sports statistics and research, or public relations and marketing.

The Growth of Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Sports and entertainment marketing is an immensely profitable industry, generating capable of generating millions of dollars a year in stable economic climates. The first televised sporting event was in 1939, and it showed on only about 400 TV sets. In 1970, sporting events began to be televised during primetime, when previously they were shown only on Sunday afternoons. In the years since, as televised broadcasting became more widely available and was geared toward capturing wider audiences, sports and entertainment marketing has seen a dramatic increase in revenues, expanding from television advertising to athlete endorsements, corporate sponsorships, merchandising, and much more. The worlds of sports and entertainment have converged over the years since.

NCAA Rules and Regulations

Sports administration majors, especially those who are studying sports marketing, should become aware of the NCAA rules and regulations. The National Collegiate Athletic Association regulates many aspects of intercollegiate athletics, including divisions, player eligibility, and rules of play, and spotlights American success stories, or athletes who overcame difficulties and became successful in their athletic careers. The NCAA also regulates televised college sporting events and compiles statistics on college sports, both of which are especially relevant to sports marketers.

Major sports marketing firms must abide by the NCAA rules and regulations in promoting various sports and events. The firms cannot offer players any form of compensation or benefits in their promotion of the event or the team, and must abide by the NCAA’s rules for televised coverage. Sports administration students will benefit from an understanding of these rules.

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