Sports Management Careers

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Individuals who pursue careers in sports administration jobs may find opportunities to work as anything from a high school athletic director to a sports industry lawyer to the head of a professional athletic organization.

In general, sports administration jobs involve sports event planning, budgeting, marketing, team building, team management, league development, and training.

Sports Management Careers & Options

Sports administration careers do not necessarily require you to possess any real athletic talent. They are ideal for individuals who want to combine their love for sports and their business acumen. Below are summaries of some popular sports administration occupations:

Sports Facility Management

sports management careersSports facility managers are responsible for a sports venue’s internal and external maintenance. Some of their responsibilities include managing facilities cleaning schedule, grounds maintenance, and décor. Sports facility managers might also participate in the process of ensuring that the venue meets sanitation and security standards. Depending on the popularity of the team and the size of the building or playing area, this can be an enormously important job.

Athletic Director

Sports Management Careers athletic director jobsAthletic director’s job responsibilities often include fundraising, scheduling, and financial management of athletic programs. They also work to monitor the condition of athletic equipment, arrange travel and playing schedules, supervise the maintenance staff, and keep open communication lines between students, coaches, staff, and management, etc. Athletic directors are typically employed by colleges and universities, and secondary schools or school districts.

Sports Agent Internships and Careers

Sports Management Careers sports agent jobsThe focus of a sports agent’s career begins and ends with the individual athlete. A sports agent acquires and retains clients by providing them career options: they help them negotiate team contracts, identify and negotiate endorsement deals, and generally help them navigate the opportunities available to them as a sports celebrity. Though sports agents may come from a variety of educational backgrounds, a sports agent internship is often a useful career stepping stone for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a sports agent. Established sports management agencies offer sports agent internships where novice sports agent can start an apprenticeship with an experienced sports agent.

Sports Administration Internship Tips

Participating in a sports administration internship may help you gain exposure to an organization’s internal structure and the sporting industry as a whole. Depending on your interest, you might find opportunities to better understand sports from a promotional and marketing side, or from a public relations perspective. Though most sports internships may be unpaid, the industry experience and networking opportunities afforded by an internship may prove valuable in your future career pursuits. Individuals participating in internships while attending classes may find the simultaneous practical and the theoretical exposure to sports administration may help to make their educational experience more robust.

There are several resources available to individuals interested in identifying internship opportunities within the field of sports administration.

sports management internship is a paid job board dedicated to connecting qualified individuals to jobs within the sports industry. Founded by John Mellor and Jason Backs in 2000 lists internships and job opportunities and provides free informational resources for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry.’s partner site,, is a free internship listing service, which offers a scaled down version of services provided by the site.

sports management internship opportunities networksNetworks: Sports administration internship opportunities might also be found by searching the career sites of local and national television networks. Large companies like ESPN, FOX Sports, and ABC Sports etc., many of these larger companies will offer structured internship programs for qualified candidates.


sports management internships radioSports Radio Stations: Check with your local sports radio stations to find out if there are internship opportunities available.



sports venue internshipsSports Venues: Look on the website of your local sports venues to research internship opportunities offered through venue’s management organization.



sports management internships on campusCampus Career Centers: Use the resources available through your campus career center to receive help identifying internship opportunities and preparing for the application process. Many career centers will have contacts at various organizations that they can leverage to help you earn placement.

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