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self care in a social work job - advice from social worker Dr. Raquel WarleySeparating a Meaningful Life from the Demands of a Career in Social Work

Although Dr. Raquel Warley began her professional career as a researcher in the criminal justice field, she changed to social work when she realized she was much better suited to helping people escape a life of despair rather than simply recounting their downfall. Despite years of being a social worker and now a professor of social work, Warley is quick to counsel others contemplating a similar career, explaining that self-care is necessary for preventing being overwhelmed by the stress often associated with the job....Read more.


avoiding burn out in social work jobsHow to Avoid Burn Out in Social Work

Being ambitious, overachieving and being able to multi task are beneficial traits that many successful social workers exhibit.  But I feel that these same traits can cause the blurring of the line between taking work stressors home and leading to an imbalance between work and personal life. Some of these helpful tips can facilitate a healthy balance between the two....Read more.


social work and at risk teensWorking with at Risk Teens as a Social Worker

One of the most challenging facets of my work has been my efforts with teenagers. My clients were often referred from the school system, juvenile justice system, and self-referrals from parents, who need help with their out-of-control teenager. From all of my interactions with this client group I have come to some conclusions. I would like to share these observations in hopes that it can help future social workers and their work with this complex and often misunderstood population....Read more.


social work and new mothersSocial Work Strategies in Helping New Mothers Gain Insight into Attachment

Having been a therapist in a program which focused on building a healthy attachment and bond between new mothers (recently aged out of the foster care system) and their new baby, the challenges were many. These new mothers did not have the adequate parenting skills, and for some, did not exhibit those caring and nurturing qualities that many mothers display toward their newborns. These new mothers who went through the Foster Care System lacked insight into attachment and how it is the basis of all healthy functioning between mother and child....Read more.


social work and community violenceSocial Work and Community Violence

Violence within communities continues to grow and unfortunately these children cannot choose to avoid it.  If the community and professionals are able to work together to reduce the amount of violence being witnessed in the community, it will lead to more positive outcomes in the community regarding community violence and children’s exposure to it. .......Read more.



self-care for social workers  interview with Daryl CioffiSelf-Care Tips for the Modern Mental Health Counselor

Mental health counselor and business owner Daryl Cioffi as she shares her secrets to achieving a healthy, unplugged life, free of the stress that can arise as a mental health counselor and coach.......Read more.


social workers and domestic violenceDomestic Violence - A Social Workers Perspective

Domestic violence is a major public health issue that affects everyone.  It has far reaching implications in many domains of those affected especially children. It affects all parts of a family system and individuals. Domestic violence can be subtle such as controlling money, name calling, and isolating just to name a few.  It also has a more dangerous and obvious side which many people associate with physical abuse and behaviors than the aforementioned subtle abusive behaviors. .......Read more.


self-care in social work careersThe Importance of Self-Care for Social Workers

Working with troubled and suicidal youths can be taxing for professionals in the field of social work.  Lindsay Griffin LCSW shares her secrets for protecting herself against professional burn-out, transference, and emotional stress.......Read more.


social work career optionsKaren R. Koenig Reaches Those with Eating Disorders

Earning a graduate degree in social work may create opportunities for individuals to pursue many specialized therapeutic fields.  Learn about what it is like to be an eating coach in GradSchools.com interview with Karen Koenig, MSW......Read more.


clinical vs administrative social workClinical vs. Administrative Social Work: A Case Manager and Part-Time Consultant’s Perspective

Melanie Carlson wears two hats as a social worker: working full-time as a case manager helping homeless individuals get back on their feet, and also in a part-time administrative role providing data integrity analysis to a non-profit organization.  On the surface, these jobs couldn’t seem more different – however, Carlson believes that truly impactful social work requires equal parts clinical and administrative duties.....Read more.

social work with displaced familiesWorking with Displaced Families: A Clinical Therapist's Perspective

Tomanika Witherspoon has devoted her professional life to helping a wide variety of people in need—including teens and displaced families—as a licensed clinical therapist. Not only does she work at a residential treatment facility for adolescent girls, she’s also the CEO of her own unique private practice, Growing Counseling Services, which provides home-based therapy to clients....Read more.

social work for the homelessSocial Work for the Homeless | Lizzie Reaches Out

Lizzie Spier didn’t know it when she was an undergrad, but her heart was set on helping others and making a difference. Spier thought she’d use her art history and philosophy background to work in a museum or art house. But it wasn’t long after earning her undergraduate degree that she realized that working hands-on with the growing homeless population was where her passion—and her career path—was heading...Read more.

social work volunteer opportuntiesVolunteer Opportunities for Social Workers

The opportunity to learn about the role of social workers in a medical setting was a great way for the students to enhance their breadth of knowledge of the field. Working in a multi-disciplinary environment helped many of the volunteers learn more about collaboration, patient care, and best practices...Read more.


MSW Application Requirements and MSW CurriculumEarning a MSW Degree

Masters of Social Work Programs (MSW programs) prepare individuals to work in the field of social work in a variety of capacities. Social workers work with individuals, families, and communities to provide them with the resources necessary to live happier, healthier, and more stable lives. A social work degree opens the doors to many industries such as clinical social workers, medical social workers, private practitioners, or managers. ...Read more.

Careers in Social WorkSocial Work Jobs

There are many potential career paths for social workers. Some individuals may choose to work directly with clients providing counseling services and support for individuals in need. Others might choose to work as managers or administrators, overseeing the delivery of services or aid. Still others might choose to work as public advocates, working with federal, state government, or local government officials to enact policies aimed at enhancing the lives of populations in need....Read more.


Questions about social workSocial Work Degree FAQ

GradSchools.com compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about earning a graduate degree and working in the field of social work. Use this quick reference guide to learn the basics about getting your MSW and starting your career in the field....Read more.


Choosing a MSW programChoosing a Social Work Program

There are many things to consider when choosing an MSW program.It is important to take the time to research and identify the best possible program for you. Here are some factors you may want to consider as you make decisions about which Social Work graduate program is best suited to meet your needs....Read more.


Why I Became a Social WorkerWhy I Became a Social Worker

Social worker Meghan Stones shares; "I had always wanted to go into the helping professions because of a desire to help those who most needed help. An MSW might potentially work as a clinical therapist, in community social work, in a hospital, with children, older adults, and in a wide range of other settings. I was convinced. I had finally found my calling"....Read more.


Get a Degree in Social Work3 Reasons to Become a Social Worker

Many people from a variety of different backgrounds consider going back to school to earn their master’s degree in social work (MSW). If this is a path you’re contemplating, there are several factors you may want to consider to help you decide if a graduate degree in social work is right for you...Read more.


Careers in Social WorkCultural Competence in Social Work

Social workers need to develop a number of skills in order to work with a diverse network of clients, learn how you can start working on developing your cultural competency. Cultural competency allows social workers to become more attuned with and sensitive to individual, family, and group specific needs, values, beliefs, and attitudes in order to provide more culturally competent interventions, services and supports....Read more.


Finding a Social Work ProgramHow I Chose My MSW Program

Find out how Stephanie Small realized that she was destined to become a social worker, and how she found the MSW program that would help her pursue her future career endeavors...Read more.


social worker building relationship with clientHow Social Workers Build Relationships with Clients

Recent social work graduates may be equipped with an social work degree and internship experience ready to apply their newly acquired expertise in real world settings. It is important for new practitioners to understand that in many ways these skills will continue to be re-shaped, adapted, re-worked, and challenged on a day to day basis.....Read more.


Social Work ScholarshipsScholarships for Social Workers

Learn about potential scholarship opportunities for social work graduate students who qualify. There are may scholarships and other financial assistance programs that MSW students might be able to take advantage of, some are related to the students concentration, ethnicity, or other distinguishing factors, others are geared towards a more general population...Read more.


working with displaced familiesWorking with Displaced Families

When people are displaced due to persecution or the threat of harm, and relocate to a new country, they are referred to as refugees. In many instances they do not have a voice and do not understand their new surroundings. When this occurs social workers will be needed to assist in the process of helping these individuals and families in navigating their new surroundings...Read more.


msw working with foster kidsWorking with Foster Kids

Social workers who have the privilege of working in the child welfare field will no doubt come into contact with many children, from various backgrounds. Most have experienced severe childhood trauma, abuse and neglect. We will become one of the most influential people in that child's life and we are responsible for helping them overcome and understand their trauma and shape a positive view of their life moving forward...Read more.


MSW Internship Practicum AdviceSurviving Your Social Work Internship

The process of securing and starting an internship as a student in an MSW program can be both stressful and exciting. On one hand, your internship is an opportunity to meld class instruction with real world experience that you may need to enhance your career as a professional social worker....Read more.

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