Hybrid MSc Masters of Science in Occupational Health & Safety Degrees

If you haven’t already considered pursuing a hybrid masters in occupational health and safety degree program, it may be time to! Hybrid masters programs combine the perks of an online college experience with local graduate college classes in industrial hygiene. That means you can study where and when you want; make new friends and contacts in class; and take advantage of the library, gyms, or other facilities that are available on your on campus.  

Interested in gaining advanced knowledge in the field of occupational health safety? If so, pursuing a hybrid masters industrial hygiene degree may be a good option for you. One example of a career in which earning a masters in occupational health and safety degree may be beneficial is: occupational health and safety specialist. These industrial hygiene professionals are responsible for duties including: identifying hazards in the workplace; collecting samples for analysis; inspecting and evaluating work environments, equipment and practices for health and safety compliance; and designing workplace processes to help protect workers. Learn more about hybrid online/campuses that offer masters in industrial hygiene degree programs today!

You have many choices in front of you—find the perfect occupational health safety graduate program today!

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