District of Columbia Public Affairs and Social Sciences Masters Programs (Hybrid)

Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Masters Programs blend the convenience of online learning with the interactive component of campus courses. Available in a wide variety of topics that span archaeology, business, counseling, human services and public administration, ‘blended online’ learning as it is sometimes referred to, has many potential benefits. Learn about the various master’s degrees in social sciences and why this program format may motivate you to earn a graduate degree.

Political Sciences Masters Hybrid Program Information

What Is a Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Masters Program?

Depending on the university, Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Masters Programs may also be referred to as ‘blended online’. What this means is that while these programs have a distance-learning component, they also have onsite requirements. This may be in the form of intensives, courses, short residency (i.e. a summer program), or fieldwork. Sometimes students have a choice of where they will complete their in-person coursework, especially if the university has two campuses. A few things to bear in mind:

In-Person: Make sure you know what the onsite requirements are to see if they are feasible.

Access: Enrolling in a hybrid program typically means you get access to all the campus facilities and activities. This may be the laboratory, the library or student service. Naturally, online learning means you enjoy the virtual library as well.

Keep common sense: review accredited learning institutions and programs, especially in fields such as education, health, psychology and social work where licensure is important for practice. When it comes time to taking board-certified exams, you will likely have to show where that you attended an accredited graduate school.

Check the delivery: Find out whether the online component is synchronous (live-streaming) or asynchronous

(pre-recorded). The more you know about what is involved, the better informed you are.

Self-discipline: Remember that you need to be motivated to complete your work, as you set the pace. If you think you lack that ability, hybrid may not be for you.

7 Potential Benefits to a Blended-Online Social Sciences Masters Program

  1. Flexibility to schedule your courses
  2. Convenience to learn from wherever you have Internet
  3. Meet real people and professors
  4. Learn in real-time as well as in the virtual classroom
  5. Build communication and research skills
  6. Enjoy the social networking aspect of college life
  7. Your transcript doesn’t necessarily say “hybrid” just “graduated with honor”

What does it mean to study Public Affairs and Social Sciences?

Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Masters Programs encompass specific degrees such as the Master of Public Affairs and the Master of Social Sciences.

As a general rule, Masters degrees in Social Sciences explore the ways in which human societies function, and include many related subjects that feed into specific careers (e.g. Social Work). So, whether you prefer health-related and human-centered, non-profit or public administration, or even understanding culture and history, there is likely to be a related masters program.

Social Sciences includes areas such as:

  • Sociology
  • Anthropology and archaeology
  • Education
  • Psychology 
  • Political Science
  • Public administration, public policy, public health
  • Business/economics
  • Geography

Review options such as Hybrid Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy, Hybrid MS in Experimental Psychology, Hybrid Public Affairs & Social Sciences, Liberal Arts & Humanities, MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling amongst many others.

What is a Master of Public Affairs?

A Master of Public Affairs, also called M.P.A., prepares learners to handle complex public policy issues and to create, analyze and interpret public policy in both domestic and international settings. The MPA is often found under listings for Hybrid Public Administration and Policy Masters Degrees. A few of the listings on GradSchools.com that you might explore could include: Hybrid Master of Arts- Leadership, Public Policy and Social Issues and MPA Public Administration.

Search tip: Look for an AACSB[i] accredited business school; NASPAA Accreditation is the peer review quality assurance process for graduate-level, master’s degree programs in public policy, affairs, and administration[ii]

Finding a Hybrid Masters Degree in Public Affairs & Social Sciences

Having landed on the academic field, you can either use the GradSchools.com navigation tools to search for graduate schools by location (city, state or country) or simply review hybrid degree programs in that subject. Other helpful resources? Visit the school site and request information. A compare and contrast list is a good idea. Some universities have similar programs but different course curriculum.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Combination graduate programs offer the better of two worlds. If you are trying to juggle a graduate degree with job or family, the ease of logging into courses versus commuting may work in your favor. Plus, you still get to brainstorm with students, engage in discussion, and build communication or counseling skills during the in-person sessions. If this sounds like an exciting way to take that next step, initiate a search for Hybrid Public Affairs and Social Sciences Masters Programs today.

Sources: [i] aacsb.edu | [ii] accreditation.naspaa.org

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