Oregon Sport Psychology Masters Degrees

Sports psychology masters programs are quickly becoming a necessary prerequisite in order to be competitive in the field. The field of sports psychology may boast unique top opportunities for those interested in sports, health, or exercise.

Masters Degrees in Sports Psychology 

There may be a limited number of potential career opportunities available to sports psychologists.  Earning a master's degree in sports psychology will allow students to apply for certification by the Association for Applied Sports Psychology or the American Board of Sports Psychology(2), which might help enhance their best career options in the field.

Sports Psychology Masters Degree Program Application Requirements

Admission requirements vary by program however, common prerequisites will require students to: have a completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, often with a minimum GPA; report a Graduate Record Exam (GRE) score; and in some cases submit a written statement of purpose.

Sports Psychology Master's Degree Concentrations

There are several opportunities for students to pursue specializations within the field of sports psychology. For instance, Oregon State University allows students to select from specific concentrations in motivation in physical activity, psychosocial factors in physical activity, and lifespan sport and exercise psychology. Alternatively, Florida State University, while also allowing students to choose elective courses; also affords a limited number of students with the opportunity to participate in a practicum experience rather than taking specific and predetermined academic track.

Earn a Masters in Sports Psychology

Earning a master’s degree in sports psychology alone may not guarantee a student’s success in the field, but it might help to distinguish students in this competitive market. Therefore students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in sports psychology should strategically explore programs based on the learning format and location that best fits their needs, as well as the courses and concentrations offered in order to determine which will provide the best foundation for their desired career.

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