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Sport Psychology CoursesSports Psychology Curriculum

Sports psychology training programs offer a unique blend of psychology and kinesiology courses designed to help train students how to impact relevant aspects athletic performance and motivation. While some may pursue opportunities at the undergraduate level, students may be better prepared for a career in this competitive field by earning a graduate degree ...Read more.

social work volunteer opportuntiesSport Psychology Graduate Program FAQ

This article features answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about earning a graduate degree and pursuing a career in the field of sports psychology...Read more.

Sports Psychology for Non-AthletesHow Sports Psychologists are Helping Non-Athletes Find Professional Success

If a corporate executive is struggling to handle pressure, having trouble with leadership skills, or afraid to take the company in a new direction – the principles of sports psychology may help them. Sports psychologists use many of the same strategies that are used with athletes to improve performance among those facing challenges as business leaders, performing artists and even medical doctors. This exciting area of consulting is called “performance psychology” ...Read more.

Sports Psychology ResearchPopular Areas of Research for Sports Psychology Graduate Students

Sports psychology graduate students are involved in a diverse range of research topics, from the importance of personality factors in athletic performance to the benefits of exercise for non-athletes. Within each of these topic areas, researchers are generally concerned with how to improve performance (both at an individual and team level), improve health, or manage the impact of athletics on other areas of life. The Association of Applied Sports Psychology hosts an annual conference at which researchers share current findings in the field...Read more.

Sport Psychology Courses7 Ways Athletes Benefit From Working with Sports Psychologists

The Buffalo Bills were down by a single point with eight seconds left in Superbowl XXV, when field goal kicker Scott Norwood faced a 47-yard field goal to win the game. His kick was long enough, but it missed by a foot to the right, earning him the unfortunate nickname, “Scott Norwide.” Norwood’s failure to perform under pressure highlights the importance of a good mental game, and the value of sports psychologists who can assist athletes in developing the skills necessary to succeed...Read more.

careers for sports psychologistsHow to Find Potential Career Opportunities in the Field of Sports Psychology

Sports psychology is a versatile field offering graduates the chance to pursue work in a range of settings. While sports psychologists in private practice may work one-on-one with individuals looking to improve athletic performance, a clinical sports psychologist may be employed in a hospital or research center, studying the effects of exercise on various health conditions. Finding a job opportunity in the field involves identifying potential places of employment as well as locating resources for career and networking opportunities...Read more.

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