California Holistic Psychology Masters Degree

Holistic Psychology Masters Degree programs are relatively new.  Students earning a master's degree in holistic psychology use an approach to clinical psychology based on a new age concept of human nature. Amongst other things, the holistic psychology masters degree programs encourage therapists to study themselves as well as their patients and embraces a view of the person as a blend of body, mind, and spirit. Many practitioners of holistic psychology draw on eastern philosophy, teaching such things as mindfulness and meditation, which may be taught in a holistic psychology masters degree. 

Holistic Psychology Masters Degree Programs Curriculum

Master's degree programs in holistic psychology are not as abundant as other branches of psychology, in part because the movement is still emerging and in part because it breaks away philosophically from more traditional disciplines of the field. Holistic psychology programs that do exist are usually at the master’s level, which reflects both the relatively minor role of research and the importance of personalized therapy for holistic practitioners. Students in these programs may take courses including:

  • Paradigms of Consciousness
  • Body-Oriented Psychotherapies
  • Therapeutic Communication
  • Healing Methods and Diagnosis
  • Assessment
  • Therapeutic Strategy

Masters in Holistic Psychologist Licensure Requirements

Master's programs are usually the first step toward licensure for clinical practice in psychology - in this case, master's degree programs in holistic psychology. The same is true for prospective holistic psychologists, but the license they receive may not be the same as those held by clinical psychologists with more traditional training. For example, the master’s program in holistic psychology at John F. Kennedy University helps prepares students to meet the requirements for the California Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) License. It does not help prepare students to become licensed through the American Psychology Association’s Exam for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP), which is the common route to licensure for traditional clinical psychologists. This may affects the type of work they may be qualified to perform and the career opportunities they might be able to pursue. Of course, some holistic practitioners may decide to seek both types of licenses, but it will require additional study and more hours of supervised clinical experience.

Professional Organizations for Holistic Psychologists

In general, holistic practitioners are not served by mainstream professional psychology organizations such as the American Psychology Association. They are most likely to find professional support in local or online communities dedicated to holistic studies of one kind or another.

Master's Holistic Psychologist Career Paths

Holistic psychologists often work independently or with a small group of other like-minded professionals. As such, they may be able to exercise a unique degree of control their work environment and may be able to tailor it to reflect their approach to therapy.

Potential job opportunities for holistic psychologists are difficult to determine. Because licensure and career opportunities often situate them outside mainstream psychology, it may be difficult to know how they fit into the Bureau of Labor Statistics information on the field. Even so, the BLS employment information on industries employing both clinical and counseling psychologists and mental health counselors may prove useful and are listed below.

Holistic Psychologist Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mental health counselors earned a median annual salary of $40,080. This salary might not specifically reflect the actual earnings for holistic psychologists, but it may be useful in launching your personal investigation into potential earnings for professionals in the field. The graph below provides 2012 median salary information for mental health counselors employed in select industries to help you in your analysis.

Holistic Psychology Masters Degree Programs - Salaries for People with the degree

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