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forensic psychologist salaryDr. Jennifer Weeks, Interview

When it comes to treating and assessing addictive illnesses and behaviors, Dr. Jennifer Weeks knows that there is always more to the diagnosis than what meets the eye. Just to name a few of her areas of expertise, Dr. Weeks is often called on to deliver expert testimony on people accused of sexual crimes. ...Read more.

forensic psychologist salaryForensic Psychology Courses

Forensic psychology master’s programs require students to complete a curriculum focused on psychology, law, and perhaps a specialization. This article provides an outline of what students could expect from the curriculum, including forensic psychology requirements...Read more.

forensic psychology degree faqForensic Psychology FAQ

This article contains answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the field of forensic psychology, forensic psychology graduate programs, and careers in forensic psychology.....Read more.

resources for forensic psychiatristsResources for Forensic Psychologists

Learn about resources like academic journals and professional associations that are commonly used by forensic psychiatrists. Resources include; The American Board of Forensic Psychology, The American Academy of Forenisc Psychology, and much more...Read more.

the role of forensic psychologists in the court roomForensic Psychologists in the Courtroom

The role of forensic psychologists is closely related to that of a clinical psychologist but with specialized forensic training to apply psychological evaluation within a legal framework. As in the movies, there are sometimes scenarios where the forensic psychologist may indeed provide clues and psychological analysis that ultimately leads to a big break in a criminal or civil case. There have also been real life courtroom dramas that made major headlines and where a forensic psychologist determined the outcome of the case...Read more.

myths and realities about forensic psychologistsMyths and Realities

The popularity of crime scene investigation television shows like CSI, Bones, and Law and Order has brought more awareness into the profession of a forensic psychologist. It has also created misrepresentations of the professionals and myths about what these professionals actually do and how their roles in criminal and court cases assist both the defendant and plaintiff. In the movies, the role of the forensic psychologist seems exciting and fascinating and is often depicted as probing and investigating criminals to reveal incriminating evidence that would solve the case....Read more.


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