Resources for Forensic Psychologists

Here are some resources that may be useful for aspiring and practicing forensic psychologists.  

American Board of Forensic Psychology

Established in 1978 to help protect the consumer of forensic psychology services, The American Board of Forensic Psychology is responsible for awarding diplomas in forensic psychology. Through this organization, you can become board certified through their application process. Earning certification allows you to become a member of the AAFP, the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. The ABFP is also a member of the American Board of Professional Psychology. Visit the site here.

American Academy of Forensic Psychology

The American Academy of Forensic Psychology is dedicated to promoting continuing education in the forensic psychology field, as well as helping with early career development. Their website offers an early career scholarship program as well as various awards to recognize those making strides in the field of forensic psychology. Visit the site here.

Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corporation

The Forensic Psychiatric Associates Medical Corporation, or fpamed, is a group of expert and highly-trained forensic psychologists offering expert opinions in a court of law. Their mission is to provide the legal profession with the highest-quality, evidence-based forensic opinions. Their areas of expertise include criminal law issues and civil law issues. Visit the site here.

Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology

The Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology is a professional, peer-reviewed journal that is created for and by forensic psychologists. The free-to-use database makes research and applications available to all forensic psychologists around the world. Visit the site here.

American Psychology-Law Society

The American Psychology-Law Society is an organization that promotes the education of psychologists in the areas of law (which is an area many forensic psychologists work in). Benefits of joining this society include publications, annual meetings and education opportunities. They also include updated job listings in academic positions, professional positions and training opportunities. Visit the site here.

American Psychological Association’s Scholarships, Grants and Awards

The American Psychological Association and their affiliate organizations provide a variety of scholarships, grants and awards to qualified students. These are awarded with the intent to help advance the practice of psychology and to promote health, education and human welfare. Visit the site here.

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