Minnesota Masters in ABA Degrees On Campus

Applied Behavior Analysis masters programs incorporate the coursework and practicum requirements to make graduates eligible for national board certification by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board® in addition to providing a solid foundation in best ABA therapy skills. A Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis on Campus prepares graduates to work with clients in clinical and organizational environments as well as offers a top stepping-stone to doctoral-level education which is needed by clinical, counseling, and research psychologists.

Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis on Campus Degree Program Information

ABA Masters programs are designed for the student who has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, behavioral science, counseling or a related field. Some graduate schools require prospective students to have professional work experience in psychology, education, or related fields.

Is a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis on Campus Program Right For You?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the scientific approach to modifying human behavior as part of a learning or treatment process. ABA examines the rules by which humans adapt their behavior and directs adjustments in the relationship of a particular behavior to the social environment and aimed at attaining improved social skills. Applied Behavior Analysis is most often used to treat children with autism spectrum disorder but has been notable for use in many other areas of human behavior such as psychopathologies, and developmental disabilities. Students in Masters programs in ABA learn to

  • Understand the root causes of behavioral problems in order to develop effective interventions
  • Communicate concepts and apply principles of behavior analysis, including definitions and characteristics, using the professional standards of applied behavior analysis
  • Learn about psychological and behavioral disorders, such as autism, depression and schizophrenia
  • Take courses in behavior therapy, behavioral research, behavioral modification, and behavioral pharmacology
  • Learn professional ethics
  • Learn how to apply behavioral support in a variety of settings, such as home, school, work and community, and institutional environments.

Potential Advantages to a Campus Applied Behavior Analysis Masters Program

On-campus ABA masters programs offer hands-on learning environments where students might benefit from interactions with faculty, increasing their social networks, and enjoying the perks of the university’s facilities.

Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis on Campus

Many of today’s graduate programs are geared for working professionals and offer courses in evenings and weekends, so you still get a study/work/life balance. If this is the learning format you are anticipating, initiate a location search on GradSchools.com. Choose a city, state, or country to find a campus ABA program that aligns with your interests.  Find listings such as MS Applied Behavior Analysis, M.Ed. Special Needs and Applied Behavior Analysis, MS in Psychology-Applied Behavior Analysis, or Behavioral Intervention Specialist LBS11.

Applied Behavior Analysis and Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 20% growth in employment of school psychologists between 2014 and 2024. This trend is in part a result of the raised awareness of the connection between mental health and learning and the need for counseling services in schools. Furthermore, school psychologists will be in demand, particularly to work with students who have special needs, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues.[i]

Furthermore, job prospects for special education teachers (preschool) is projected to be favorable, with a 9% employment growth during the same time period. Candidates who have experience with early childhood intervention and skills in working with students who have multiple disabilities, severe disabilities, or autism spectrum disorders will likely have more opportunities. 

Behavior Analysts, or Mental Health Counselors, will also see a 19% growth in employment according to BLS data.

Ready to Pursue a Masters in ABA on Campus?

As a Behavior Analysts you are in a position to help people modify, change or learn new behaviors in a diversity of settings to help them potentially lead more meaningful and adjusted lives. Why not find a graduate school on GradSchools.com that has a program that will suit your academic and vocational goals!

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