Hybrid Masters in Project Management Degrees & Programs

A hybrid masters in project management degree might give working professionals the opportunity to enhance their career without leaving the workforce. Are you good at prioritizing, managing your time and breaking down a large task into its smaller essential components? Are you skilled at leading a team and communicating expectations to people with different areas of expertise? Can you maintain an overall plan while being flexible enough to adapt and troubleshoot as problems arise? You may be interested in a career in project management, a concentration that can contribute to the success of companies from software development to infrastructure.

Flexible Project Management Degree Information

Hybrid Project Management Master’s Programs

Many prospective students who are interested in a project management MBA are working professionals who do not wish to put their jobs on hold while they advance their education. These individuals may be interested in a hybrid project management MBA, which includes general businesses courses as well as classes in project management. They may also wish to pursue either hybrid master’s degrees in project management or master’s degrees in their own field that include a project management emphasis.

On-Campus, Online and Hybrid Programs

The Internet has broadened the reach of higher education, and prospective students have more options today than ever. Each has its own benefits and challenges.

  • On-campus programs are beneficial because they offer the opportunity to meet with professors, peers and professionals in-person. Classes, workshops and special events invite face-to-face participation and the chance to get to know others in your field more personally. Brick-and-mortar institutions often foster a strong culture and loyalty that can become a strong career network later on.
  • Online programs are convenient for those who live and work away from a campus,
  • and for those whose schedules don’t allow for regular class attendance. Many online classes offer some means of communicating with the professor and other classmates, although the interaction differs because it is not face-to-face. Classes can be completed at any time, day or night, and from anywhere in the world.
  • A hybrid program can offer a balance of the benefits of both on-campus and online education. If your work schedule or location limits your educational opportunities, this could be an excellent option. Much of the coursework can be completed online at your convenient. A portion of the work will be completed in a traditional classroom, either as part of a regular semester or during a condensed time period. Some hybrid programs invite students to attend classes in person in the evening, over long weekends, or for a period of weeks where they are able to network and complete their in-person coursework at an accelerated pace.

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of a Hybrid Masters in Project Management MS or MBA Program

Many individuals are drawn to earn a hybrid masters in project management because the skills learned in this type of program may be employed in many industries, including architecture, construction, and healthcare, transportation, and software development and information technology. Some project managers might be in charge of an entire project throughout its lifetime, which can range from a number of weeks to a number of years. Others might juggle multiple projects simultaneously. Some project managers focus on a single aspect of the project. Titles for this type of project manager can include Financial Analyst, Sales Manager, and Event manager, Procurement Specialist, Administrative Service Manager or Quality Manager.

In any capacity, a project manager may be required to balance the needs and expectations of their own employer with those of a client, and to interact with all members of a team to ensure that the finished product meets deadlines, budgetary requirements and legal and regulatory codes. The salary of a project manager can vary greatly depending on the level of education and experience as well as the industry and corporation. In 2014 the median salary for a project manager in Information Technology was $83,410 annually[i]. The median salary for an architectural and engineering manager that same year was $130,620[ii]. For many employees, earning a master’s degree may enhance their job satisfaction as well as their earning capacity.

Potential Hybrid Masters in Project Management Program Curriculum

Many of the duties of a project manager are similar regardless of the industry. Depending on the program chosen and the area of interest, students working toward a hybrid masters degree in project management may study:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Human resources
  • Risk management
  • Health and safety codes
  • Financial accounting
  • Project organization
  • Planning and strategies
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication techniques
  • Legal and ethical issues

Students may also learn to use tools, techniques and software programs specific to their industry. Those who are accepted to a hybrid project management MBA may attend business management classes as well, while those who choose a master’s degree in their own field may gain valuable insight into how project management strategies can be effectively incorporated into their specific industry.

Some students who decide to pursue a hybrid masters in project management degree might already working in business management or a related field. However, some use their continued education to gain new employment opportunities. Applicants to master’s level programs come from many backgrounds, which can add richness to the classroom environment both online and in-person. A hybrid master’s degree in project management could be a good educational opportunity for those who wish to combine strong organizational and interpersonal skills in a professional capacity.

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