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For the graduate student interested in pursuing advanced studies in philosophy, the Master in Philosophy (M.Phil. or MPhil) degree is an advanced postgraduate research degree. The prerequisites necessary for a Master in Philosophy degree make it the most advanced research degree before the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. or D.Phil.) Master in Philosophy graduate studies tends to be research oriented; a student might work together with a scholar to glean philosophical research skills.

Philosophy Masters Online Degree Program Information

Online Masters in Philosophy Programs | MPhil Degrees General Info

The online format of learning is generally geared to the working professional or busy adult. Web-based, or distance learning, allows learners to log into a course management system at their own convenience. Digital tools keep you connected via online forums, emails and other means to the faculty, or other classmates, and there are also online libraries and research tools that bring the campus to you, although in a virtual method.

If earning an online Masters in Philosophy is appealing, let help you review Philosophy masters programs that have this format. Some of the listings are for general MPhil degrees online, while others are more specialized areas of philosophy. This might include online Consciousness studies, graduate studies in Continental Philosophy, or Science and Technology Studies.

Potential Coursework in Philosophy Masters Programs

Broadly, MPhil or MAP (Masters in Philosophy) programs give emphasis to social, political, ethical and legal philosophy, and may involve learning classical, modern and contemporary aspects of these areas.  Some MPhil programs cover all periods in the history of philosophy, and explore a range of philosophical approaches, including ethics and social-political philosophy. There are also programs that offer

interdisciplinary curriculums that might incorporate philosophy and law, philosophy and theology, and philosophy and psychoanalysis.

What Skills Does Studying Philosophy Develop?

A Philosophy Masters Program might help students become experts in argumentation, analyzing ideas, and debating. The study of philosophy encourages critical and systemic inquiry into fundamental questions of right and wrong, truth and lies, the meaning of life, the nature of reality, knowledge and society.  As such it becomes a solid foundation for a variety of potential careers whether in business, law, teaching or public service.  Some of the skills students might refine in the pursuit of a higher education in philosophy might include:

  • Generating Ideas on a variety of issues
  • Formulating logical arguments
  • Problem solving through rational thinking
  • Ability to distinguish differences without overlooking similarities
  • Looking at all the angles of a problem
  • Speaking and writing effectively and with clarity
  • Interpreting theories

Explore a Career as a MPhil Graduate

Compliance Managers:  plan, direct, or coordinate activities of an organization to ensure compliance with ethical or regulatory standards. They need to be critical thinkers, active listeners, be able to monitor, assess and take corrective actions, as well as have good reading comprehension and the ability to adjust actions in relation to others.[i] The industries with the highest levels of employment in this area include[ii]:

  • Federal government (OES designation)
  • State government (OES designation)
  • Local government (OES designation)
  • Insurance carriers
  • Depository credit intermediation

The 2012 median annual wage for compliance managers was $62,020 and the employment growth rate is projected at 5%[iii]

Ready to Pursue an Online Masters in Philosophy?

With the potential to acquire transferable skills, earning a MPhil might be appealing as an education choice. Why not use the search tools on to locate an online masters in philosophy program that is arguably the best choice for your goals and aspirations!

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