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For students looking for graduate studies in philosophy, the Masters in Philosophy on Campus (M.Phil. or MPhil) degree is an advanced postgraduate research degree. the mphil may be used as a prerequisite for doctoral studies in philosophy or as a program for students who aspire to do research.

Philosophy Masters Degree Campus Program Information

Masters in Philosophy on Campus​ Programs | MPhil Degrees General Info

Some Philosophy Masters programs offer a traditional track that is generally considered a preparation for more advanced work in philosophy, and an applied track. The latter is for students who may wish to use and apply their knowledge and skills in philosophy and the skills in professional activities within business, government, or other potential professions.

In general, campus MPhil or MAP (Masters in Philosophy) programs give stress social, political, ethical and legal philosophy. These programs may also expose students to classical, modern and contemporary aspects of these areas in philosophical thought and theory. Some MPhil programs cover all periods in the history of philosophy, and explore a diversity of philosophical approaches, including ethics and social-political philosophy, while others might offer interdisciplinary curriculums that might incorporate philosophy and law, philosophy and theology, and philosophy and psychoanalysis.

If this sounds like the right academic fit for you, has search tools to make reviewing Campuses offering MPhil programs easy. Start with a location search if you have always dreamt of attending classes on a particular campus; enter the city, state or country tabs to determine where programs are available. Or scroll through listings first. Some of the choices you might see are M.A. in Philosophy (MAP), Masters in Philosophy (MPhil), Philosophical Resources, and Philosophical Foundations of Physics.

One of the potential

advantages to studying for your Masters in Philosophy on Campus degree is that Master in Philosophy graduate studies tends to be research oriented; a student might work together with a scholar to glean philosophical research skills or be mentored. Unlike distance learning, being on campus gives students the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with faculty, friends, and classmates. Also, you get access to all the college facilities, such as libraries, and even the athletic amenities. 

The Workplace and an MPhil

For the student who is passionate about reading, writing, and reasoning, you might wonder what type of careers there are in Philosophy. If you were drawn to a career in academia or research, a potential career path would be to pursue a career as a Post-secondary Teacher, and certainly, according to the BLS employment is projected to grow 19% between 2012 and 2022.[i]

Students with a keen interest and passion for analytical and critical thinking, asking questions, debating answers, arguing, and deliberating on morals and ethics, perhaps a MPhil might prepare you for a potential career in Law. Lawyers advise and represent businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes, present facts, and arguing on behalf of clients.[ii]

Students with a keen financial or business sense might find that pursuing a career as an executive puts their analytical mind to good use. Top executives devise strategies and policies to ensure that an organization meets its goals, and often have a degree in liberal arts as well as an MBA.[iii]

Ready To Pursue a MPhil or Masters in Philosophy on Campus degree?

Pursuing a masters in philosophy on campus degree might help students become experts in argumentation, in analyzing ideas, and in debating issues of right and wrong. We need pillars of morality and ethical thought in our communities as lawmakers. We need lawyers who can successfully defend clients in court using well thought out and logical arguments, and we need judges who can weigh a decision in favor of justice. We also need professors who can help us decipher different theories, and business and financial leaders who will run companies efficiently and ethically. Perhaps there are few jobs in philosophy itself, but as a mind-expanding, helpful foundation for thinking outside the box, there may be plenty of opportunities to be found.  Let help you find the Masters in Philosophy degree that matches your goals today!







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