Online Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology Degree Programs

Online Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology Degree Program Info

For the graduate student with a keen interest in drug development, biomedicine and chemistry, enrolling in an online Masters in Pharmacology and Toxicology Degree Programs may provide them with an opportunity to pursue a variety of career paths. If you have a background in health and medicine, and exploring new therapies in the lab, potentially enhancing patient clinical care or working in the pharmaceutical industry appeals to you, pursuing a master’s in pharmacology could be a great fit, as well as serve as a stepping stone to advanced studies in pharmacology phd programs.

Masters in Pharmacology Online Degree Program Information

What is an Online Masters in Pharmacology Program?

An online pharmacology masters program is dedicated to the study of pharmacology and toxicology.  Students can choose from an array of different degrees, depending on any area of concentration that fits their educational and professional goals. Some of these choices can include Online Master Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Monitoring, Online Masters Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Online Masters, Online Master Clinical Pharmacy, and Online Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Regulatory Affairs, among other choices.

Pharmacology is the branch of medicine and biology concerned with drug action, whether this is man-made, natural or an endogenous molecule, and the study of the interactions that occur between a living organism and chemicals that affect either normal or abnormal biochemical functions. If these substances have medicinal properties, they are referred to as pharmaceuticals.[i] Pharmacology is a broad field and encompasses drug composition, drug properties, synthesis and drug design, molecular and cellular mechanisms, interactions, chemical biology and toxicology.

Toxicology is a section of biology, chemistry, and medicine (pharmacology) that is

concerned with the study of the unfavorable effects of chemicals on living organisms. Toxicology masters programs are scientific specializations that focus on the research and development of pharmaceuticals and drug therapies.

Potential Advantages to Online Masters in Pharmacology Programs

Distance learning may be advantageous if you are already working in Pharmacology related fields and are enrolled to enhance your technical knowledge and skill-sets. Online classes tend to be flexible, since there is no commute to classrooms, and usually can log into the course management system at your convenience. Up to date technology keeps you connected to your classmates and professors via group learning tools, and research can be done via access to online libraries.

Potential Curriculum in Online Masters in Pharmacology Programs

Curriculums vary depending on the school and the program concentration, as well as whether you are enrolled in a Pharm.D./M.S. pharmacology masters program.  For instance, if you are studying environmental toxicology, your coursework might focus on the behavior of contaminants in the soil and water, and it could involve research in pollution, legislation, and geography. If you are looking into an Online MS Pharmaceutical Sciences program, you might be exposed to pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutics, medical chemistry, and cellular biology. A masters program that emphasizes drug development might involve learning about Regulatory Science, drug discovery and drug design.

Potential Career Paths For Pharmacology and Toxicology Masters Programs Graduates

Some of the potential career paths that pharmacology and toxicology Masters graduates might pursue depend on factors such as the level of education, concentration, and other aspects. For instance, some graduates might pursue careers as:

Medical Scientists: conduct research aimed at improving overall human health. They often use clinical trials and other investigative methods to reach their findings. Medical scientists typically need a Ph.D. from an accredited postsecondary institution. Some get a medical degree instead of a Ph.D. but prefer doing research to practicing as a physician.[ii]

Pharmacists: dispense prescription medications to patients and offer expertise in the safe use of prescriptions. They also may provide advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, conduct health and wellness screenings, provide immunizations, and oversee the medications given to patients. Pharmacists must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) degree from an accredited pharmacy program and be licensed which requires passing licensure and law exams[iii]

Biochemists and Biophysicists: study the chemical and physical principles of living things and of biological processes, such as cell development, growth and heredity. Biochemists and Biophysicist need a PhD to work in independent research and development positions. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders are qualified for some entry-level positions.[iv]

Chemists and Materials Scientists: study substances at the atomic and molecular levels and the ways in which substances react with each other. They use their knowledge to develop new and improved products and to test the quality of manufactured goods. Chemists and Materials Scientists need at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or related field, however a master’s degree or PhD is needed for many research jobs[v]

Natural Sciences Managers: supervise the work of scientists, including chemists, physicists, and biologists. They direct activities related to research and development, and coordinate activities such as testing, quality control and production. Natural Sciences managers typically have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD in a scientific discipline, and may also have an MBA[vi]

Ready to pursue an Online Pharmacology and Toxicology Master’s Degree?

Whether you are interested in the idea of researching and developing a drug protocol that will fight illness, dispensing and understanding the uses of medication, or in maintaining clean water supplies, an online Pharmacology Masters program might be a great academic choice. Why not look into online Masters in Pharmacology and online Masters in Toxicology degree programs on now!

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