Online Masters in Organizational Leadership

Online Masters in Organizational Leadership programs teach real world management skills through a convenient, portable format. Management programs look at how organizations and teams function, as well as ways to maintain and improve them. Overall, online organizational leadership masters programs aim to help students become top notch leaders in any organization with the conveniences of studying remotely. Many Online Masters in Organizational Leadership programs may even be designed to support active careers. They could offer the flexibility of schedule and location needed to balance earning a degree with your other responsibilities.

Why Earn an Online Masters in Organizational Leadership?

The topics covered in an Online Masters in Organizational Leadership program could be useful every day on the job. That’s because classes tend to focus on common work environments in a variety of industries. For example, classes might look at how to help your team be more efficient. Or you could study frameworks for project management and decision making. Classes might even talk about how to balance the needs of your team with the needs of your organization. The real world skills online masters in organizational leadership programs foster could be what helps you position yourself for success.

Online Masters in Organizational Leadership Concentration Areas

Depending on your goals, you might choose a masters in leadership online program which concentrates on a certain type of leadership. In addition to teaching general leadership skills, concentrations might examine the needs of specific industries, objectives, or work areas. Some examples of these include the following.

  • Change Management: Study how changes can affect individuals and team dynamics. These could range from small changes to crisis management. In general, change management looks at change from the viewpoint of the people experiencing it; however, some programs may also look at planning and enacting changes at a high level.
  • Human Resources Management: Focus on workforce management at a high level. These programs look at how to find and keep great team members. Topics range from recruitment and on-boarding to benefits, coaching and training.
  • Non-Profit Management: Leading a non-profit may not be the same as leading in a typical business! As such, programs focused on non-profit management may cover unique topics like public policy, social responsibility, fundraising, and more.

These and other options may be available on a case by case basis. Some may vary from the above descriptions. If you are interested in studying these or any other specialty areas, follow up with your selected programs for more information.

online masters in organizational leadership

Online Masters in Risk Management

One unique area within organizational leadership is risk management. Online risk management masters programs focus on using data to identify risk and decide how to address it. This could involve finding potential risk, planning in advance for those cases, and guiding a team through a crisis as it occurs. These skills and knowledge could be useful for many leadership positions, in a variety of companies. For that reason, online risk management masters programs may suit a range of career goals, whether you wish to work directly in risk or simply become a more risk-fluent leader. For more information, keep reading about online the masters in risk management programs.

Potential Online Masters in Organizational Leadership Course Topics

Masters in leadership online programs may examine a vast array of management topics. The specifics might hinge on details like your concentration area, preferences, and choice of schools. However, many online organizational leadership masters programs share some essential areas of study.

Here are a few examples of what you might find in your online course program.

  • Conflict Management: One part of leadership is fostering good teamwork. That’s why online masters in organizational leadership programs spend time examining how to help teams work together smoothly. This could include strategies to mediate conflict between team members, and even ways to help prevent conflict in the first place.
  • Organizational Behavior: Many online leadership masters programs look at the psychology of how people behave at work. This includes individuals and groups. Organizational behavior might also explore ways to encourage a productive work environment. Organizational behavior masters programs may be available for people who want to focus on the psychology of the workplace.
  • Communication: From writing effective emails and memos to speaking with your team, communication is an important part of being a good leader. Online organizational leadership masters programs may hone these skills. You might study writing, public speaking, designing presentations, and more.
  • Workforce Management: Even if you’re not a human resources manager, as a leader, familiarity with workforce management and HR functions could be key. That’s why many online leadership masters programs include courses on recruitment, on-boarding, training, and coaching. Some programs may even look at other aspects of HR like payroll and benefits management.
  • Business Ethics: Making good decisions is a significant part of being a reliable leader. That’s why many organizational leadership masters programs cover topics like business ethics, social responsibility, and even business law or policy. This could help build a foundation on which to make and evaluate decisions for your team.

Remember, each program has unique course offerings and areas of focus. Whichever online masters in leadership program you choose may vary from the examples above! Reach out to your selected program for more information about the types of courses you may attend.

What to Know About Online Degree in Organizational Leadership Degree Types

Masters in leadership online programs could include several different degree types. In some cases, the masters degree you earn has a strong relationship with the types of things studied in that program. However, the differences may not always be pronounced, and in some cases could depend on the conventions at that particular school.

Here’s a list of several online masters degree types you might come across in your search, and some qualities that could make them unique.

Types of Online Masters in Organizational Leadership


MBA programs in leadership, executive leadership, or management, might have a stronger focus on general business skills as they relate to managing an organization.


Master of Science in Organizational Leaderships (MSOL): Sometimes called a Master of Science in Leadership or MSL, these degree programs are generally multi-disciplinary, and place greater emphasis on the people aspect of leadership than the business end.


Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL): These programs may have a great deal in common with MSOL programs. In many cases, the differences may come down to institutional preference, so follow up with the schools you’re considering for more information.


Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Leadership: Sometimes referred to as the MBA for government and non-profit organizations, MPA in Leadership programs may focus on public policy as it impacts managing these types of organizations.


Discipline-Specific Degree Types: Some leadership programs may be designed for certain industries or disciplines. In those cases, you may have degree type options unique to that subject area, such as M.Ed. programs in Education. If you’re considering a discipline-specific degree type for your leadership program, follow up with your selected school for more information.

M.Ed. offers 130 Online MS in Organizational Leadership Degree Programs

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Start your search for Online Masters in Organizational Leadership programs here. Some online masters programs can be completed in as little as one year! Keep in mind the things that could impact your choice of schools. Some examples of this could be your current or ideal career path, the kinds of things you might need to learn, or your preferred degree type. Then get started reviewing sponsored program listings that match your search criteria.

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