Masters in Operations Management

Set yourself apart with a masters in operations management! If you’re looking for a masters program that could support your career, look no further. With a masters degree in operations management, you could learn not just to be a leader, but to be an effective one for your organization. You may learn strategies to utilize your resources effectively, from logistics to supply chain management, and even ways to manage your team.

What Is an Operations Management Masters Degree?

A masters degree in operations management is one that focuses on maximizing efficiency and profit within an organization. Operations management masters programs could help you develop the necessary skills to ensure your organization uses its resources effectively. Working in operations management, you might be responsible for making sure personnel are utilized effectively, supply chain management, and making important financial decisions to balance cost and revenue to maximize company profit. Operations Management Masters Degree Programs Depending on your career goals, you might be interested in pursuing one of these related specialties:
  • Construction Management Masters Programs – Combine your construction industry experience with the project management and leadership skills you may need to be an effective leader. You might study topics related to financial management, risk management, best practices, legal issues, and more.
  • Supply Chain Management Masters Programs – Hone your expertise in supply chain management and logistics with a masters degree. You might learn about logistics strategies, business analytics, and using data to inform strategic decision making and ensure profit.
  • Contract Management Masters Programs – Earning your masters in contract management could support you as you negotiate, write, and oversee business proposals, contracts, and other related agreements. In a masters program, you may hone your business, legal, leadership and collaborative skills pertaining to the development and implementation of contracts and business agreements in your organization.
  • Quality Management Masters Programs – Want to position yourself as your organization’s expert in quality management? Earning your quality management masters, you could hone skills like data and business analytics, statistical analysis, and process management to potentially help your team do the best and most efficient work they can.

Potential Benefits of Masters in Operations Management

Earning your masters in operations management could have a number of long-term career benefits. For one, the skills you hone in an operations management masters program could be applicable to a variety of potential industries, possibly making you a great candidate to help any organization succeed. You may develop the strategic acumen a successful leader might need. By understanding how best to manage your supply chain and staff to maximize productivity, you could help to ensure your organization’s success. That means you could achieve highly visible accomplishments, making you a valuable part of your team. Plus, you might find a variety of career opportunities for people with your skill set, increasing the odds of getting your foot in the door for unique professional experience.

How to Choose Your Operations Management Masters Degree Programs

Once you decide to earn your masters degree in operations management, you might notice the variety of potential programs at your disposal, from different types of masters degrees to different areas of focus. By thinking about what you need in a program, you could narrow the field to programs that may be a solid fit for you and your career goals. Here are a few items to think about as you get started:
  • Career Goals – Think about what you want to do, and how it might apply to your potential areas of study. For example, are you eager to work with technology? Or do you prefer making financial decisions? Maybe you have a knack for working with people and want your career to reflect that. Whatever your passions in the workplace, you may be able to identify operations management programs that support them.
  • Industry – While operations management as a field incorporates skills that may be useful in a variety of industries, you may prefer to attend a program more focused on the needs of the one you’re currently working in.
  • Accreditation – Want to narrow down quality choices a little more quickly? Consider looking at programs accredited by organizations like AACSB or ACBSP. Attending a program accredited by an organization like these, you could have confidence that your school of choice could provide a solid and reputable education.

Operations Management Masters Degree Program Formats

One aspect of choosing your masters in operations management program you may not want to forget—the format! Choosing the right type of program for your life is an important part of your success as a graduate student. That way, you’ll ensure you have the resources you need to succeed, with a course load you can handle on your schedule. Three basic types of masters programs may be offered for you to consider:
  • Graduate School Masters Degree in Operations Management – By earning your master in operations management at a graduate school, you could not only hone your expertise in your field, but do so alongside current and aspiring operations management professionals in your area, potentially making valuable connections. Plus, you’d have access to the resources of a campus program!
  • Online Operations Management Masters Programs – If you’re concerned about balancing your education with your career, online operations management masters programs might be the solution for you. In an online program, you could earn your degree with increased flexibility in your schedule, making it possible for you to continue being the dedicated operations management professional you are without compromising on your education.
  • Hybrid Operations Management Masters Degree Programs – Hybrid, partially online, or blended operations management masters programs aim to combine the perks of both online and campus programs. With flexible online learning tied to the support of a local campus, you could learn to be the operations management expert you want to be, while still exceeding expectations in your career. offers 4 Operations Management Masters – 8 Degree Programs

Now you’re equipped with the information you need to start your search for a masters program in operations management. Don’t be shy, reaching out to more than one school that offers operations management programs may increase your chances of achieving your goal.

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