Online Masters in Supply Chain Management Degrees & MSSCM Programs

Earning an online masters in supply chain management could place a graduate in high demand and offer many employment prospects. An online masters in supply chain management program entails all of the activities necessary to distribute a product to consumers. This includes planning, predicting, purchasing, assembly, moving, storing and tracking a product during its transition from conception to consumer possession. Online masters programs in supply chain management prepare students to become assistant purchasing managers, purchasing managers, supply managers, or directors of materials management. Currently, there is a shortage of highly trained professionals in the field of supply chain management. As such, earning a master’s in supply chain management could place a graduate in high demand and offer many employment prospects.

Online MS in Supply Chain Management Programs

The challenge of enhancing your career while also working to support yourself and your family is one that countless professionals such as yourself face. Many may reach a point where in order to continue their workplace ascent, advanced education is required. Yet if you’re like most, halting your career pursuits to earn a graduate degree is not an option. Plus, many prospective employers may require that you supplement your studies with real world experience. This could potentially leave you facing quite a conundrum, one that earning an online master’s in supply chain management may solve.

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Earning a master’s degree in supply chain management can be a challenge if your current situation doesn’t allow you them time to pursue on-campus studies. Luckily, there may be an equal number of opportunities to earn your degree online. The curriculum of online graduate courses often mirrors that of on-campus programs, so the concern about your online degree not being valued much may not apply. Your particular learning style may just be better suited for an online environment, anyway. If you prefer to work at your own pace, then you could find online learning to be ideal. Plus, there’s the added bonus of actually having the time free to pursue potential employment opportunities in supply chain roles while pursuing your degree.

Facts about a Potential Career with an Online Masters in Supply Chain Management

If the idea of possibly pursuing or enhancing your career working within the supply chain interests you, consider these facts exclusive to supply chain managers:

  • As of 2012, 718,700 professionals nationwide classified themselves as management analysts and consultants.
  • The median salary earned by these professionals is $78,600 annually.
  • The job outlook for this particular career path is projected to grow by 19 percent in the coming years, which is faster than that of other occupations[i]

Potential Career Paths for Graduates of an Online Masters in Supply Chain Management Degree Program

The understanding and skills that you could develop through your graduate program could help to prepare you to pursue potential career opportunities including:

  • Logistician
  • Market research analyst
  • Job analysis specialist
  • Purchasing manager
  • Cost estimator
  • Budget analyst[ii]

Skills and Qualities of Online Supply Chain Management Master’s Degree Students

How are you to know if a career working in supply chain management is right for you? After all, a major factor in career satisfaction is being able to apply your own skills and interest to your job. Here are just a few of the skills and traits valued in supply chain managers:

  • An analytical mind: Getting products to market will often require developing innovative solutions. You need to be able to thoroughly analyze an issue in order to determine which course of action will best help to resolve it.
  • Effective communication skills: As a supply chain manager, you may likely be called upon to correlate the efforts of multiple organizations and parties. Being able to pass the right message on to those with whom you’re working is vital.
  • Sound comprehension: As you may be working with various people on complex issues, you need to be able to understand information as it’s presented both in written form and orally[iii]. offers 20 Supply Chain Management Master’s Degree Programs

Countless potential career opportunities may be out there awaiting you. Knowing this, you may simply not be able to pass on the opportunity to build upon your educational background by earning an advanced degree. Fortunately, an online masters in supply chain management may help place you in the ideal position to pursue of such chances. Through it, you could develop all of the same skills and attributes acquired through a traditional on-campus degree program, while also simultaneously gaining valuable workplace experience. In the end, that combination may just be the key to placing you at the front of the line when it comes to filling management roles within the supply chain.

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