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Masters in supply chain management on campus programs help students develop skills and knowledge to learn about with coordinating the many logistical aspects of satisfying customer demand for goods and services. Making such resources available to the consumer public requires manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers to work together effectively. It may well go without saying that when so many moving parts are involved in such a process, the potential for breakdowns, inefficiency, and lost revenue is ever present. However, effective supply chain managers are able to oversee the optimization of these processes, working collaboratively with all of those involved to pinpoint problems and then provide solutions to address them. The net result of their efforts is money saved for not just their own organization, but all of those with whom they work to deliver products to consumers.

Supply Chain Management Masters Degree Programs On Campus

Potential Career Opportunities for Graduates of a Masters in Supply Chain Management On Campus Program

Given the number of stakeholders in the supply chain process, as well as the various levels within individual participants that work together in order to fulfill their respective role, there may be a wide array of careers that your master’s in supply chain management could potentially qualify you to pursue. Here are just a few:

  • Logistician: Logisticians are tasked with overseeing the life cycle of a product or service, from design and development, to manufacturing, to delivery to customers. As this is a highly specialized service that offers a comprehensive benefit, professionals specializing in logistics could find employment opportunities across all industries[i].
  • Management Analyst: The professionals evaluate the logistical operations of an individual organization and make suggestions on how they can be improved. They may be employed in-house, or
  • could support multiple companies on a consulting basis[ii].
  • Operations Research Analyst: As a large part of managing the supply chain involves optimization, people with various analytical skills that can help pinpoint different problems and use advanced analytics to solve them may be coveted by companies. These are the skills that an operation research analyst brings to the table[iii].

Certification Options for Graduates of a Supply Chain Management Campus Master’s Degree Program

As you work towards the completion of your campus based supply chain management master’s degree, you might discover other educational opportunities that could even further enhance your skills and qualifications. These are often available through professional certification. As the supply chain incorporates various techniques, policies, and technologies, being able to demonstrate proficiencies in individual areas.  Such proficiency may be demonstrated by earning certifications such as:

  • Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)
  • Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB)
  • Certified Professional Purchasing Officer (CPPO)
  • Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)
  • Certified Professional Purchasing Manager (CPPM)
  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Is Earning a Masters in Supply Chain Management On Campus Degree Right for You?

Along with earning masters in supply chain management on campus degree, work experience may also prove helpful in your pursuit of potential career opportunities. This may lead you to believe that the only way you’ll be able to gain such experience is by pursuing a career and enrolling in an online or hybrid graduate program. However, you may find that there’s no substitute for the live classroom environment. While other program completion methods may offer you more flexibility in terms of scheduling, only being in the classroom and getting individual attention from instructors will guarantee you immediate answers as you work your way through your degree program. The added structure that such a learning environment provides may also put less stress on you when setting up your scholastic routine. Plus, as many companies often encourage their employees to purse advanced degrees, you many able to still pursue a career while still finding time to fit on an on-campus class schedule.

Get Started Earning Your Master’s in Supply Chain Management On Campus Degree

With many exciting careers that could be awaiting you as a supply chain management professional, you may want to take a closer look at the many options for earning supply chain management master’s degrees on campus. With such a degree in hand, you could potentially open new doors to either enhancing your current career or possibly beginning a new one.

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